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Essentials Video: Kumquat Yoga Mat Cleaner


Essentials Video: Kumquat Yoga Mat Cleaner

Yoga is an amazing way to take some time to yourself, get in touch with your body, or just get a little physical activity. And just about the only thing you need to practice yoga is your mat! Since you spend so much time in direct contact with your mat, it’s important that it stays clean. Whip up this bright and citrusy Kumquat Yoga Mat Cleaner to make sure your favorite yoga mat is fresh and ready for your next practice. Plus, the essential oils in this blend are also bright and uplifting, which will pair perfectly with your next child’s pose.

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Kumquat Yoga Mat Cleaner

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Measure ingredients. Add all ingredients to spray bottle. Shake, spray, and wipe away!

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*Please note, we currently sold out of Yuzu. If you do not have this oil on hand, substitute with another citrus oil like Lemon or Bergamot.