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Essential Oils for Self-Esteem + Cheerful Inhaler Blend DIY


Essential Oils for Self-Esteem + Cheerful Inhaler Blend DIY

Plant Therapy Bright and Cheerful Inhaler Blend

Every morning brings us a brand new day. Do you charge through it with your head held high or do you shrink away from it, afraid of the unexpected or convinced you’re not worth what a new day can offer? While it may not be something we think about often, our self-esteem has an enormous impact on how we live each day.

Those of us with a healthy sense of self-esteem are often confident and willing enough to let our true selves shine through; and, when we feel good about ourselves, we are more likely to find success personally and professionally.

However, when our self-esteem is low, we become our own worst critic. Negative self-talk can take control of our thoughts, resulting in feelings of anxiety, depression, dependency, inadequacy, and so much more. In a nutshell, having a low self-esteem can make even the most mundane daily activities feel dreadful.

Certain essential oils have properties that can help lift you up out of a rut and encourage kind thoughts toward yourself. Maintaining a healthy self-esteem is a life-long process, and using essential oils can provide just the right amount of emotional support we need to learn how to love who we are and embrace our lives with confidence.

In a sense, these self-esteem boosting oils help you do you.

Let’s say you have a room in your house that is a bit drab. The colors are dull, the air is stale, and there is really nothing worth looking at in there. What can you do to take that room up a notch? It’s easy – add some flowers! A beautiful, colorful bouquet can add an instant pop of brightness and cheer, right? Suddenly, the room doesn’t look quite so plain — and you know what? You might find this room isn’t a lost cause after all. It just needs a little work here and there and a lot of love. Well, if you’re feeling like a boring, drab, pointless room, it’s time to add some flowers!

Using essential oils that are steam distilled from the flowering tops of their respective plants are often fantastic for emotional support.

plant therapy flowers

Like the way blooming flowers make a springtime garden come to life, using essential oils from flowers can represent how we are able to grow and bloom ourselves, revealing what’s truly inside for everyone to see. Try these essential oils to help find that beauty within yourself.

1. Clary Sage:

Perfect when moodiness and irritability are giving a loud voice to your inner critic. Relaxing and calming when revved up emotions are making you feel stressed out or unhappy . Also, if your self-esteem seems to take a dip during that special time of the month, Clary Sage is also known to provide relief to many symptoms caused by menstruation, as well as provide balance to emotional extremes.

2. Lavender:

If you’re an essential oil enthusiast, you probably know all about this gem. Given all of the emotional support Lavender provides, it’s no surprise that this essential oil is distilled from those pretty purple blooms that burst from the top of the plant. Calming, soothing, nurturing, healing…basically, the list of adjectives for Lavender could go on and on. Bottom line: take control of your stream of negative thoughts with this oil known to reduce feelings of anxiety and fear by calming an overworked nervous system .

3. Blue Tansy:

If any flower screams CONFIDENCE, it’s the gorgeous, statement-making golden blooms of Blue Tansy. From these flowers comes a beautiful, rich, blue oil that is cherished for the way it can melt away nervous tension and soothe feelings of doubt and worry. Be as bold and bright as the Blue Tansy blooms and unleash your self compassion!

Not into flower power? That’s okay! There is plenty of other self-esteem supporting essential oils!

1. Coriander Seed:

The unique, sweet and peppery aroma of Coriander Seed is a great mood-booster that also works to calm frazzled nerves brought on by constant worry and feelings of insecurity. Since it also helps support mental focus, you’ll be more able to push negative thoughts aside and focus on living in the present moment.

2. Frankincense Carteri:

A strong sense of self-esteem is borne from introspection and constructive reflection. If you are able to quiet your mind and focus your attention on looking at yourself with compassion, you may find your inner critic taking a back seat to a more kinder self-talk that helps, rather than hinders you. With Frankincense, you can deepen your self-care practices, like meditation and active relaxation, to find that spark of enthusiasm to bring the true you out to the world.

3. Geranium Egyptian:

Low self-esteem can have you feeling anxious, stressed, and sad. Let Geranium Egyptian reduce those unpleasant feelings and start lessening the impact of any consistent, unhappy thoughts . It’s uplifting, calming, and is a great hormone balancer for women.

Don’t forget about those citrus oils!

citrus orangeCitrus oils are always a wonderful go-to when your self-esteem needs some support. They are often bright, energizing oils that help us release positive emotions both inward and outward. Essential oils like Orange (Sweet and Blood), Lemon, Grapefruit Pink, and Bergamot help keep your mind alert, focused, and uplifted. Plus, they can provide us with a gentle punch of energy that encourages us to get up and move around, which is known to be a confidence booster in itself when those endorphins get flowing!

We’ve got blends for this, too!

If you haven’t given our Self Esteem Blend a try yet, you’re going to love this bottle of confidence and courage! With the essential oils of Spruce Hemlock, Frankincense Carteri, Ho Wood, and Blue Tansy, Self Esteem helps you feel self-assured and ready for anything!

For self-esteem healing from the inside, try Loving Compassion. This blend is designed to support our heart chakra, which deals with loving ourselves and others with compassion. Sometimes, it’s not just an occasional public announcement or daunting test that has us doubting ourselves – it is something much deeper than that. Loving

Compassion invites in positive energy and promotes unconditional love for ourselves, helping to heal the wounds of a damaged self esteem.

Try this inhaler blend with some very cheery essential oils to help get you in the right mindset to think positively about yourself and everything great your uniqueness can offer!

Bright & Cheerful Inhaler Blend

Plant Therapy Bright and Cheerful Inhaler Blend

To use, add essential oils to your personal aromatherapy inhaler and enjoy throughout the day as needed!


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