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Earth Week Challenge Recap


Earth Week Challenge Recap

Last week Plant Therapy tackled Earth Day as a company! We took a whole week and challenged ourselves to five different ways to be a little bit more eco-friendly. And here at Plant Therapy, we’re dedicated to transparency. So we also wanted to share a recap with you, our customers. Here’s how we did:

Earth Week challenge day 1: Save energy

Day 1 of our Earth Week challenge was saving energy! We shared 8 ways you can start saving energy at home. And Plant Therapy’s employees worked with the lights out to conserve the energy we usually use.

We also shared a DIY for making your own natural sugar scrub, to avoid both the energy cost that goes into commercial manufacturing and the energy you use to drive yourself to the store.

Earth Week challenge day 2: Alternative transportation

Plant Therapy Earth Week Day 2: Alternative TransportationDay 2 was using alternative transportation to cut back on fossil fuel use. We talked about all the ways you could get to work that aren’t just driving your car. Across Plant Therapy, we walked, carpooled and rode bikes to work. Our Marketing Project Manager, Jamie Chaffin, even rode to work on a scooter!

Earth Week Challenge day 3: No plastics!

Plant Therapy Earth Week Day 3: No PlasticsDay 3 of Earth Week was all about getting rid of plastics! We wrote all about ways to reduce plastic use on the Plant Therapy blog and then put those ideas into use in our offices. At Plant Therapy, we used reusable coffee mugs at Starbucks, chose wooden or reusable silverware instead of plastic, and took our canvas totes to the grocery store.

And we also shared one of the coolest DIY’s yet on our blog: DIY beeswax wraps! These are easy to make and perfect for using instead of cling wrap and sandwich bags around the house.

Earth Week Challenge day 4: Recycling

Plant Therapy Earth Week Day 4: RecyclingDay 4 saw Plant Therapy amping up our recycling game! We focused on sharing simple ways you can start recycling at home, including some ways you may not have thought of. We reused old containers, recycled our plastics at the PT offices, and even swapped out our bottled soda for cans.

On the Plant Therapy blog, we shared a DIY all-natural fruit and veggie wash to keep your fruits and veggies clean and keep your compost scraps pesticide-free.

Earth Week challenge day 5: Community clean up

Plant Therapy Earth Week Day 5: Community Clean Up

Day 5 of our Earth Week challenge was probably everyone’s favorite! We spent some of our volunteer hours cleaning up our community public areas, in both Twin Falls and Boise. Plus, our Marketing team made the commitment to keep a section of the Boise Greenbelt clean for a year! We’re going back every month to take care of the trash and keep our city looking good.

We also shared a recipe for all-natural DIY pest spray, to help keep your own yard or garden clean without harsh chemicals!

Plant Therapy’s commitment to being environmentally friendly doesn’t end at Earth Week. We’re committed to sustainability and natural living all year long. Follow along on our Planting Kindness page to see all our efforts, both in the community and for our environment.