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DIY All Natural Shaving Oil for Silky, Summer-Ready Legs


DIY All Natural Shaving Oil for Silky, Summer-Ready Legs

With summer almost here, it’s time to show off those legs! But first, we have to make sure they’re sundress, shorts, and bikini ready. Whether you’ve been doing upkeep all winter or went into full sasquatch mode, we’ve got DIYs you need to make sure you get a close, smooth shave that’s ready for your favorite summer outfits.

Start with a Scrub

Plant Therapy Sugar Scrub

One of the most important steps in getting a good shave is to use a good scrub first. It helps remove the dead skin cells, which in turn allows you to get a closer shave. Even better, regularly using a scrub helps prevent ingrown hairs. We have a few different DIY recipes you try, it all depends on what you like! Try the Lime Sugar Scrub for a great citrus aroma or make the Coffee Scrub Bars for an invigorating experience. Another option would be the Sand and Sea Body Scrub.

Shave with an All Natural Shaving Oil

woman shaving her legs

As tempting as it is to just shave with soap and be done with it, resist the urge! Soap residue can dull your razor which means you might end up with nicks, razor burn or stubbly patches. An easy way to remedy this is with the All Natural Shaving Oil. It provides moisturization and helps the razor glide over your skin. Even better, unlike with shaving cream, the ingredients are natural. And you can better see what you are doing, which means a less chance of missed patches. Plus, Lavender, Rose and Bergamot are all excellent for the skin and smell amazing.

Silky Summer Legs Shaving Oil

Silky Summer Legs Shaving Oil

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Mix your carrier oils and essential oils in a small bowl. Apply to wet legs, and shave as usual.

Soothe Any Razorburn

For those with sensitive skin or thicker hair, razor burn can feel unavoidable, no matter what you do. Luckily, Lavender Hydrosol can be incredibly soothing on irritated skin. After shaving, spritz on your legs to help ease the burning and promote healing.

Don’t Forget to Moisturize

woman moisturizing her legs

And lastly, keep your legs soft and glowing with the right moisturizer. Plant Therapy has several great lotions and creams for whatever your skin needs. Olive Lotion has a rich, silky texture that good for all skin types, including dry skin. Since it is an unscented base, you can customize it with your favorite essential oils. Or use our Body Butters or Crèmes to help with dry or sensitive skin.

If you like discovering new DIYs, be sure to check out our Safe Essential Oil Recipes (SEOR) Facebook Group!