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Essential Oils You Need To Survive This School Year


Essential Oils You Need To Survive This School Year

It feels as if summer just started but here we are…it’s back to school time again. That means a lot of stress about new friends, new teachers, harder classes, illnesses that get passed around like candy, and creepy crawly things that sometimes get into kiddos hair. Think we forgot about that one? No Way!

Essential oils are a great way to prepare for the school year and transition with as little stress as possible. So, before you panic, take a deep breath and consider picking up these essential oils that can help make your school year a little less stressful.

Elementary, my dear Watson!

elementary school children going to school

Elementary school children are dealing with a lot. Many of them are away from their parents for the first time. This puts a lot of stress on their weaker immune systems. Because of close quarters, less attention to hygiene, little to no understanding of personal space, they can end up sharing everything. And by everything, we mean everything, like a cold or even worse… lice!

Some fantastic blends to help your child through elementary school are Immune Boom, Defender, Germ Destroyer, Sniffle Stopper, A+ Attention, Get ‘Em Gone, and Calming the Child.

In the Middle

Middle School-Aged children working on a project

Middle school-aged students are starting to have more awareness of personal boundaries. But they would still benefit from Kidsafe Essential Oils and synergies. In addition, they have more stress from friends and feel more pressure from teachers and parents to perform well in school.

Many of the blends that benefit elementary students are also useful for middle school students. Consider adding Happy Place, Tension Tamer, Sore No More, and No Worries to your collection.

Making it to Highschool!

High school students in class

Making it to high school is a big milestone and with it comes more stress than ever. Stress to look good, fit in, do well in school and come up with a plan for the future. Teens have a lot riding on them and this can lead to problems in their relationships and school performance.

Also, older students have a lot of options when it comes to essential oils that they can use since they no longer have to stick to the Kidsafe logo.

Oils that they may find helpful are Clarity, Brain Aid, Self Esteem, Worry Free, Zit Fighter, Balance, Energy, Immune Aid, Invigor Aid, Germ Fighter, Relax, and Tension Relief.

As parents, we’re doing the absolute best we can to help support our kids as they transition into the new school year. Essential oils are a great complementary tool to use along with other healthy habits so your children can learn to take charge of their health and overall wellbeing.

What are some of your favorite oils your family uses to get through the school year? Share in the comments below!