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A blending practical {Interactive}


A blending practical {Interactive}

A Blending Practical!

This is something I have been looking forward to sharing with you. The oils used in this practical are among my favorites. I don’t particularly care for Ylang Ylang, as it’s very strong in scent. Although typically when you prepare for blending you do so on a perfume strip, I chose to add my essential oils to the wick of a personal inhaler. This way I can enjoy my blend again and again.

I began with the 1 drop of Roman Chamomile. This essential oil is at first very floral but then I noticed grassy undertones. It reminded me very much of freshly mown hay. That is a scent that takes me back to childhood and growing up on a farm. Next I added the 8 drops of Lavender. This Lavender has a sharp, almost camphorous scent. I notice the floral notes second. It’s not what I think most people expect when they think of Lavender. It certainly balances the sweetness of the Roman Chamomile. Next, I moved onto Bergamot. This is perhaps my most favorite essential oil. I love the bright, fresh citrus scent. I smile anytime I smell Bergamot, it’s like bottled sunshine. Finally, the Ylang Ylang. I was careful with this one since it is a stronger scent and I knew I likely only wanted 1 drop. I have seen many descriptions of Ylang Ylang, but it always brings to mind dying irises. As a child my mother has gardens full of them and they had a very distinct aroma as they bloomed, then died.

My final blend for my inhaler is as follows:

I was surprised on several of these essential oils that they reminded me very much of being a child. The power of scent can amaze! Also, I enjoy smelling different kinds of lavender, as they always seem to be different than I expect. I know better, now, that the “lavender” lotions from stores aren’t truly authentic! To learn more about the power of scent, read Inhale! The underused power of Smell.

Will you be trying this at home? I now keep this inhaler on my desk for when I am overwhelmed and need a “brain break.”