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3 Ways to Use KidSafe Essential Oils


3 Ways to Use KidSafe Essential Oils

3 Ways to Use KidSafe Essential OilsToday is an important day for Plant Therapy! Why? Well because it is our KidSafe Four Year Anniversary!

Four years ago, Plant Therapy launched this unique product line after discovering a desperate need in the essential oil industry to create essential oils that were undoubtedly safe and effective for children, ages 2-10. These KidSafe oils and synergies provide tremendous benefits, not only for children, but for the entire family, and are also a great choice for essential oil beginners.

Some of Plant Therapy’s KidSafe synergies include A+ Attention, Calming The Child, Germ Destroyer, Immune Boom, Tension Tamer, and many more. Additional products include pre-diluted roll-ons, unique aroma plushes, and dozens of 100% pure undiluted single essential oils.

These are all sensible choices for young children to help live happier, healthier lives — and there are so many ways to use these amazing oils and synergies!

Three ways you can use these kid-friendly essential oils:

1. Diffuse, diffuse, diffuse!

3 Ways to Use KidSafe Essential Oils

One popular method is diffusion. Whether your kids needs some help focusing during homework time or something to help them get quality sleep at night, adding KidSafe synergies or essential oils to a diffuser is an easy, safe way to support them.

2. Use a personal inhaler.

3 Ways to Use KidSafe Essential Oils

You can also add 5-10 drops to an aromatherapy inhaler. Perfect for elementary-age children, the direct inhalation can offer many therapeutic benefits, depending on the KidSafe essential oil or synergy you choose.

Inhalers are easy to customize and easier to use, making them great for everything from upset tummies during car rides or nervous jitters during their very first sleep-over.

3. Apply pre-diluted roll-ons (and diluted oils) topically.

3 Ways to Use KidSafe Essential Oils

KidSafe products are also great to apply topically to your child’s chest, back of neck, and wrists. Visit each product’s page to get the safe dilution recommendations, or skip the mixing altogether and get our pre-diluted roll-ons!

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3 Ways to Use KidSafe Essential Oils

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3 Ways to Use KidSafe Essential Oils

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3 Ways to Use KidSafe Essential Oils

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