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Basil Linalool Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week


Basil Linalool Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week

Basil Linalool (And Basil Linalool Organic)

  • Latin name: Ocimum basilicum
  • Aroma Description: Like the herb itself, the oil’s aroma is sweet and fresh, with a slight balsamic undertone.

Therapeutic benefits

  • The perfect go-to oil if you need to relax. The high linalool content makes it very, very calming.
  • For a clear, focused mind, this is just what you need to stay sharp — In fact, that is exactly why Basil Linalool is used in both our Brain Aid Synergy and our Clarity Synergy!
  • A great mood-lifter.
  • Useful during meditation practices.
  • Helpful for deterring outdoor annoyances.


No, this oil is not KidSafe!

Dilution instructions:

We recommend a topical dilution maximum of 3.3%.

Diffusion instructions:

Add a few drops to your aromatherapy diffuser to enjoy the calming and focusing properties of Basil.

Where Basil Linalool is used on the body:

This essential oil can be a wonderful relief for overworked nerves or muscles when diluted properly. It is especially helpful for head and neck tension.

Oils to blend with:

Cedarwood Himalayan, Bergamot, Clary Sage, Grapefruit Pink, Lime, Neroli, and Sandalwood Australian.

Soothing Bath DIY:

Mix 2-3 drops of Basil Linalool in a tablespoon of unscented body wash or shampoo, then pour under the running water.

Slimming Gel DIY

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:
  1. Measure all ingredients.
  2. In a bowl mix together well.
  3. Transfer to bottle.
To use:

Apply to areas of concern once a day for up to 4 days. To help maximize results you can wear a wrap for up to 45 minutes a day. Be sure to rinse well after use. The essential oils used in this all-natural gel are known to increase circulation, diminish the appearance of unwanted skin ripples, and firm and tighten your skin.

Try out Basil Linalool today!