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Our Summer Blends are no longer available.

Be sure to check back summer 2020!

Make all of your summer dreams come true with our newest blends!

Our Summer Dreams Set contains 10 mL each of Endless Summer, Mountain Air, and Sun Kissed that come perfectly packaged in a collectible white set box.

It's Gone!

Sun Kissed

The sweet and citrusy blend of Sun Kissed encourages a summertime sense of joy and excitement. May Chang and Lavender help to soothe and instill a sense of calm, while Peru Balsam rounds out the blend with a lovely, sweet, supportive note.

Too Late!

Endless Summer

The bright and uplifting scent of Endless Summer is the perfect way to help boost your mood and keep your spirits up. The brightening qualities of Pink Grapefruit help to lift mental fatigue, while the energizing combination of Lemon and Lime Steam Distilled are refreshing and uplifting. Sweet Orange promotes cheerfulness, while Mandarin and Ylang Ylang soothes nervous tension.

You Missed It!

Mountain Air

To help you unwind and relax after so many busy, fun-filled days, our Mountain Air blend was created to give you a well-deserved peaceful respite. The calming and soothing essential oils of Bergamot, Lemon, Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood Atlas, and Lavender make a beautiful blend that will transport you to twilight spent by the lakeside.

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Summer Dreams

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