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KidSafe® Roll-Ons

Pre-Diluted Essential Oil Roll-Ons for Kids

Aromatherapy can aid with common issues in children ranging from immune health to excitability and tummy problems. Having the perfect blend in a pre-diluted roll-on at the ready is a must-have for any parent. Plant Therapy KidSafe® Roll-Ons are pre-diluted, kid-friendly essential oil blends that come in a convenient bottle with a roller top so that you can gently apply them to your child’s skin as needed. Shop singles or try them all with the KidSafe Wellness Oil Set.

Each roll-on synergy contains a unique blend of the highest-quality essential oils diluted in a carrier oil in a ratio that is safe for kids. Though powerful, our KidSafe formulas are pre-diluted with a carrier oil so they can be rolled onto the skin directly. Together, these plant oils help address common kid-related issues, such as lack of focus, inability to sleep, a compromised immune system and even itchiness from bug bites and skin irritation.

Learn more about the quality of Plant Therapy KidSafe essential oils.