Organic Wintergreen Essential Oil

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  • Cools & soothes tired, tight muscles
  • Mentally stimulating & refreshing
  • Supports a healthy respiratory system

Product Description

Nothing beats the cool, crisp, almost fruity aroma of Organic Wintergreen. Although technically not a true mint, it still has a strong, stimulating minty scent that can help create an uplifting atmosphere. But this gem of an oil shines when it's used topically. When carefully diluted, Organic Wintergreen can help ease aching joints and muscles due to regular wear and tear, old age, or a really good workout. Because this oil is very powerful, only a small amount is needed to enjoy the therapeutic benefits.

This is a USDA Certified Organic essential oil. That means that this oil is free from GMOs and the trees grow freely without the aid of synthetic fertilizers and in soil that is clean of prohibited substances, such as harmful pesticides. When you purchase a certified organic product, you are also helping to conserve biodiversity! This helps to ensure our natural landscapes and their ecosystems are maintained and intact for generations to come.

  • Minty
  • Alleviating
  • Cooling
  • Stimulating

What's in it?

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Gaultheria Fragrantissima (Wintergreen) Leaf Oil*
*Certified Organic Ingredient

How to Use

Aromatic: Diffuse using 2-3 drops per 100 mL of water or use in a personal inhaler.
Topical: Dilute to a maximum of 2.4% in a carrier.
Botanical Name:
Gaultheria fragrantissima
Aromatic Scent:
Sharp and sweet mint with fruity and medicinal nuances
Shelf Life:
4-5 Years
Country of Origin:
China, Nepal
Possible drug interactions. Can inhibit blood clotting. Those who take aspirin or other blood-thinning medications should avoid using Wintergreen. Should not be used at all during or shortly after a viral fever. We recommend a maximum dilution of 2.4% for topical applications. Completely avoid Wintergreen oil up to age 12. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.