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January Oil Of The Month: Balm Mint Bush


January Oil Of The Month: Balm Mint Bush
Balm Mint Bush essential oil

Many people haven’t heard of Balm Mint Bush. It is yet another wonderful, refreshing essential oil from Australia. A member of the mint family, Balm Mint Bush is steam distilled from the leaves of this pretty plant. The plant itself explains the name as these grow as bushy, evergreen shrubs. With its aromatic eucalyptus-minty scent (and a slight floral undertone), the shrubs grow 4-6 feet and have pretty purplish/pink flowers. In 2007, the International Herb Association deemed Herb of the Year!

Balm Mint Bush is rich in ketones, which are valuable constituents for respiratory issues as they have expectorant properties. Ketones are also helpful with healing scars, cuts and can have a positive effect on circulation. It also contains a safe amount of 1,8 cineole, another constituent that helps support respiratory health. Oils that are high in ketones have a shelf life of 3 to 5 years.

Balm Mint Bush Prostanthera melissifolia

This KidSafe oil is said to have properties that can help with headaches, respiratory issues, teenage skin concerns, cold symptoms, digestive issues, bug bites and cold sores. And it’s also a wonderful addition to cleaning recipes.

Check out two of my favorite recipes using this oil:

Respiratory Blend: (for diffusion)

Tummy Blend: (for topical application)