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Muscle Aid Essential Oil for Sore Muscles


Muscle Aid Essential Oil for Sore Muscles

If you're looking for an essential oil for sore muscles, our Muscle Aid Essential Oil Blend might be just what the doctor ordered. With its minty, herbaceous, fresh scent, Muscle Aid Essential Oil Blend provides effective results. Each essential oil in this proprietary blend is beneficial in easing discomfort and relieving tired and achy muscles. Whether you've had a long day at work, been out running errands with little ones in tow, completed a strenuous workout, or experiencing normal wear and tear; this blend will help you be ready to get moving sooner! Let's look closer at the three essential oils in this curated blend proven to soothe muscle discomfort.



Wintergreen essential oil is well-known for its fresh, minty, uplifting aroma. Known to help soothe aching joints and muscles due to regular wear and tear, old age, or a really great workout. Because this oil is very powerful, only a small amount is needed to enjoy the therapeutic benefits. It also promotes blood circulation and cools irritation, which can be comforting to tender areas of concern.

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Another essential oil in our Muscle Aid blend is White Camphor. Camphor has a beautiful, intense, woody aroma which is a nice addition to the blend. It has a stimulating effect, aiding the healing process when applied topically to areas of tenderness and strain. Camphor is also especially helpful in the speedy recovery of bumps and bruises. It is beneficial for soothing muscle aches and discomfort when massaged into areas of concern. You can read more about the benefits of White Camphor Essential Oil in this blog post: Top 4 Ways to Use Camphor


Scots Pine essential oil, the last oil in our Muscle Aid blend, has many affinities toward muscle and joint care. It is known to help with occasional inflammation and provides warmth to soothe tired muscles. Scots Pine can also support circulation, increasing blood flow to the area to aid in faster recovery.

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When blended into our Muscle Aid Essential Oil Blend, these three essential oils provide a powerful punch to help alleviate and ease muscle malaise associated with strenuous activity or even normal wear and tear. If you are looking for essential oils for sore muscles, we recommend trying Muscle Aid! You can find this blend in our various Muscle Aid products, developed to appeal to different application preferences. However, the blend is the perfect way to go if you want to DIY your own topical cream, scrub, lotion, oil, or balm. *Please be aware that the essential oils in Muscle Aid are intended to be mixed with a carrier and applied topically at a maximum of a 5% dilution rate. Possible drug interactions, please check with your physician if you are taking any medications. Persons taking blood thinning medication or who have bleeding disorders, recent major surgery, salicylate sensitivity, or who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid this blend. Keep out of reach of children. Discontinue use if skin irritation/sensitivity occurs. If under a doctor's care, consult your physician.