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Essential Oils for Sleep


Essential Oils for Sleep

A night of deep, quality sleep is a great way to set yourself up for success. Unfortunately, we don’t all get the good rest we need, which can lead to plenty of unfortunate side-effects. Grogginess, irritation, feeling unwell, or even just daydreaming about being back in your bed all day…this is not the recipe for an energized and productive day!

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Now, let’s get to the essential oils…


mandarin essential oil for sleep

The fresh, bright aroma of Mandarin is incredibly wonderful for soothing and mellowing the mind and body before bed. When you’ve had a long day and just need some peace of mind before laying down, inhaling Mandarin is a great way to reduce nervous tension. Dilute it to 2-5% and use topically, or include it in a relaxing bath; add 3 drops to 2 teaspoons of body wash. If you want to enjoy Mandarin in a heavenly bath blend, add 1 drop each of Mandarin and Sandalwood Australian with 3 drops of Bergamot Mint to a tablespoon of bubble bath and a cup of Epsom salt. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some time to yourself before heading off to bed.

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Chamomile Roman

This gentle giant of an oil is well known for helping both adults and children get a good night’s sleep. Its sweet apple-fruity aroma has long been favored to help calm the nervous system and help ease physical and emotional tension. Chamomile Roman also provides support for feelings of irritability and stress, which can quickly derail plans of sleep if left unchecked!

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Ylang Ylang

The incredibly sweet and floral fragrance of Ylang Ylang is excellent for calming the mind and reducing feelings of worries. If you love flowery-smelling oils, this quickly may become one of your favorite before-bedtime-oils! It supports a lifted mood and a warm and open heart so that you can drift off into dreamland with good thoughts in your head.

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Vanilla Oleoresin essential oil

It’s hard not to love the sweet, rich smell of Vanilla. It can relieve feelings of tension and agitation, making it a perfect choice after a long, stressful day. Plus, it soothes the mind and is even known to be slightly sedative, making it a great oil to use before bed!

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Marjoram Sweet

Sometimes it’s not just our mind that needs to calm down before sleep — it’s our body, too. Marjoram is a favorite for many people who are looking to calm and soothe tired muscles. If you’ve been working your muscles hard during the day, they end up feeling too uncomfortable for you to enjoy a full night of sleep. Try diluting it in your favorite carrier oil and massaging it on your muscles, or add it to a warm bath (after safely diluting it to 2% in body wash of course!) before bedtime.

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The lovely floral aroma of Jasmine is calming to the mind and body. A deep inhale can leave you feeling happy, content, and in a great mindset to get deep, quality sleep. Only a little bit is needed if you choose to blend it with other relaxing essential oils, as the aroma is very heady and quick to take over!

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Plant Therapy Rose essential oil

We all want to fall asleep feeling secure and grounded, and that is exactly what Rose can encourage. Whether you’re feeling sad or angry, the aroma of Rose can act as a comforting hug when you need it the most.

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Geranium Egyptian & Bourbon

With its fresh, green, floral aroma, Geranium is a popular essential oil choice for sleep. It can uplift the senses while also help in easing the tension associated with worry and stress, promoting restful sleep. This is also a great choice for women who are undergoing hormonal changes as it has a balancing effect on emotions and mood, helping you to fall asleep faster and for longer periods of time.

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counting sheep cream

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