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Plant Therapy Essentials Video Series


Essential Oil Videos

Clary Sage Cuticle Balm

This Clary Sage Cuticle Balm will moisturize your cuticles and relieve dry skin!

Fall-Inspired Cinnamon Bark Passive Diffuser

Bring some of those amazing seasonal touches inside your home with this passive diffuser!

Thyme Thymol Congestion Chest Rub

Ease congestion and get you breathing better!

Petitgrain Sleep Easy Pillow Spray

This Sleep Easy Petitgrain Pillow Spray can help with worry and stress!

Lavender Fine Relaxing Bath Sachets

How about a soothing soak with lavender?

Davana Cordial Body Butter

Combine the highly moisturizing benefits of Shea Butter with some incredible essential oils!

Citronella Pest-Control Candle

Use the natural aroma of essential oils to help keep unwanted pests at bay!

Fresh & Natural Hand Sanitizer

Create this Fresh & Natural Hand Sanitizer that will help keep illnesses at bay!

Kumquat Yoga Mat Cleaner

A citrusy Kumquat Yoga Mat Cleaner to make sure your favorite yoga mat is fresh!

Geranium Bourbon Cuticle Balm

Help nourish and smooth your cuticles!

Acne Fighter Roll-On

Use essential oils to help fight acne!

Rosalina Linen Spray

A linen spray that is just as fresh and vibrant!

Reed Diffuser Blend

A fun and decorative way to enjoy your essential oils.

Saro Bathroom Odor Eliminator

Help keep the bathroom smelling fresh.

Sage Stomach Saver Roll-On

Provide relief from stomach upset.

Marjoram Sweet Achy Leg Cream

Helps provide relief for aches and pains.

Blue Cypress Bug Bite Remedy

Soothe the itchy bumps with this DIY.

Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

This Deep Conditioning Hair Mask is the perfect DIY to give your hair the moisture it craves.

Allspice Passive Wood Rub

This particular DIY uses the warm, sweet and spicy aroma of Allspice combined with the zesty, citrus scent of Lemon.

Myrrh Face Cream

The heavy duty moisturization of Shea Butter and the smoothing and soothing properties of Dermisoothe!

Earthy Clean Aftershave

This amazing Earthy Clean Aftershave is refreshing and moisturizing!

Vanilla Bath Bomb

So long rubber ducky! Once you try a bath bomb, you’ll never want to go back.

Ylang Ylang Youth Face Serum

The Fountain of Youth may be the stuff of legend, but this face serum is the next best thing!

Rejuvenating Bath Salts

Use to help soothe overexerted muscles.

Royal Hand Cream

Add it to your bedtime skincare routine and enjoy its amazing overnight moisturizing benefits.

Flame Fighter Roller Blend

Apply to joint and muscles areas to help ease pain and discomfort.

Balm Mint Bush No-Sew Sachet

A simple Dresser Drawer No-Sew Satchet to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

Geranium Egyptian Evening Body Cream

Add it to your bedtime skincare routine and enjoy its amazing overnight moisturizing benefits.

Vetiver Pillow Spray

Spray this mixture on your pillow before bedtime to help calm your mind.

Sore Muscles Master Blend

A soothing balm for your post-workout routine!

Juniper Berry Slimming Gel

New Year, new resolutions… new you!

Holly Berries Body Butter

Last minute gift idea!

Festive Fire Starter

Use these fire starters as a festive decoration or holiday gift!

Holiday Season Gelatin Air Freshener

Feel the holiday season with this air freshener.

Christmas Tree Scented Ornaments

Decorate the tree with these DIY ornaments!

Winter Wonderland Snow Scene

Gather the family for this awesome holiday craft!

Scented Holiday Sachets

Get a jump on the holiday season with this great gift accessory!

Exotic Escape Bath Salts

Keep calm as the holiday planning heats up with this bath salts recipe.

Festive Fall Candle

Celebrate Fall with this candle DIY recipe!

DIY Reed Diffuser

Celebrate the season with a DIY reed diffuser!

Paper Pumpkins

Prepare for Halloween with this super cute pumpkin craft!

Fall Blend Tea Cup Candles

Get the most out of your Fall Blends set and make some candles with us!

Spiced Orange Pine Cones

Feel festive and decorate your home with these great smelling pine cones!

Wooden Diffuser Blocks

Get crafty with this simple wood block diffuser DIY!

Relax Body Wash

Make your own body wash using your essentials oils!

Rapid Muscle and Joint Relief Salve

Check out our video to learn how to make your own muscle and joint salve!

Foaming Hand Soap

Make your own hand soap with essential oils!

Bergamot Body Powder

Watch and learn how to make an awesome body powder for your skin!

All Purpose Cleaner

This DIY video demonstrates how to make an all purpose cleaner from your oily collection!