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All About Our Floral Favorites


All About Our Floral Favorites

If you’re ready to fill your home with the intoxicating, complex, and unique aromas that floral essential oils and absolutes have to offer, here’s a quick guide to some of our favorites! Like having a bouquet of fragrant, full blooms, each bottle of essential oil allows you to enjoy your favorite flowers again and again.

And we’ve just expanded our line of flower products! Now you can enjoy the floral favorites of Rose Absolute, Jasmine Absolute, and Neroli in a pre-diluted roll-on. Experience these timeless aromas for yourself or give as a gift to someone special. Buy individually or as a set of all three!

precious flowers

roseRose Absolute

The beauty and fragrance of the rose has been prized for centuries the world over. With an exquisitely sweet and distinct aroma, it’s no wonder that people fall in love with the flower that has come to symbolize “love” itself. Plant Therapy’s Rose Absolute comes from the Rosa x centifolia, commonly called the Cabbage Rose or Rose Maroc. It’s an old-fashioned style rose, with multiple layers of thin pink petals, that thrives in long, hot Moroccan summers. Use to support feelings of emotional well-being, encourage radiant-looking skin, or simply as a delicate natural perfume.

jasmineJasmine Absolute

Fragrant and fragile, the tiny star-shaped blooms of Jasmine have long been used as symbols of femininity, love, sensuality, and hospitality. The delicate petals of Jasminum sambac contain startlingly intense fragrant oil, but have a very low yield, making each drop of oil precious! Frequently used in perfumery and known for its distinctive and exotic floral fragrance, many consider this seductive oil to be an aphrodisiac. It’s also a mood-boosting treat, with properties believed to ease away feelings of tension.



Extracted from the white blossoms of the bitter Seville Orange Tree, Neroli oil has long been enjoyed as a vibrant floral aroma with citrus and peppery notes. The small flowers are freshly hand-gathered in the springtime under the bright sun and warm climes of Egypt and Morocco. They are then steam-distilled into an oil loved by perfumers and aromatherapists alike. It is a highly laborious essential oil to create and takes approximately 2000 pounds of flowers to produce 200 pounds of oil! Thankfully, a little bit goes a long way. Neroli can encourage feelings of relaxation and ease emotional tension. Topically, it helps keep skin looking radiant by promoting a healthy complexion.


Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils in the world because of its numerous benefits for the body and mind. Many cultures throughout history have incorporated Lavender into their lifestyles, including the ancient Egyptians who used it as a perfume and part of religious ceremonies and the mummification process. Reports claim the faint smell of 3000-year-old lavender even wafted out of King Tutt’s tomb when archeologists opened it in 1922! Its complex, floral, and earthy aroma encourages feelings of rest and relaxation, making it an excellent nighttime companion to support a peaceful state of mind before sleep. Topically, Lavender can help soothe irritated skin, whether it’s from too much sun exposure, uncomfortable dryness, or bug bites. Learn more ways to use at 10 Ways To Use Lavender Essential Oil.

clary sageClary Sage

With its tall, pink and violet blooms, Clary Sage is not only a beautiful shrub, but has a long history of use ranging from flavoring, medicinal, and aromatic. Its essential oil has become famous for benefits related to women’s health concerns and is a popular go-to for supporting overall wellness. Comprised primarily of the constituents linalyl acetate and linalool, its calming herbaceous floral aroma support feelings of relaxation and encourage a good night of sleep when emotions may be running rampant. It may also help relieve physical discomfort related to times of menstruation or menopause, such as occasional abdominal cramps, head and neck tension, and skin inflammation.


True Helichrysum italicum oil, also known as Immortelle — the everlasting flower, is grown only in a few spots around the world and is unsurpassed in its ability to rejuvenate the look of healthy, unblemished skin. It helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and helps smooth skin, while also helping to keep blemishes at bay without drying out the skin. And thanks to Helichrysum’s anti-inflammatory properties, you can also use this essential oil on scars to discourage inflammation, help aid in healing, and keep skin healthy. With a warm, herbal, woodsy scent that is sweet, this essential oil is said to support the body through post-illness fatigue and convalescence by encouraging normal immune function. The aroma may soothe away deep emotional feelings and diffuse anger and destructive feelings.

magnoliaMagnolia Flower

While “Magnolia” may bring to mind the stately floral trees that grace the Southern United States, this essential oil actually comes from another type of Magnolia, which is cultivated in China and Southeast Asia for its ornamental and aromatic beauty. Its rare and unique essential oil comes from the delicate blossoms harvested at night when the fragrance is most pronounced. Sugary-sweet, fruity, and exotic, this seductive scent can support positive feelings and aid in relaxation. Magnolia Flower oil is high in linalool, a constituent well-known for its soothing and calming capabilities. Read All About Magnolia Flower for some great diffuser blend ideas!

ylang ylangYlang Ylang Complete

Exotic, tropical, and intensely floral, Ylang Ylang Complete’s aroma evokes a sense of warm sunshine, sparkling sand, and gentle waves on the shore. The perfect get-away! The Ylang Ylang tree is indigenous to South Eastern Asia. It produces flowers with long, star-shaped petals that begin a pale green and turn to deep yellow color. Its name has been said to originate from the Malay word ylang-ylang, meaning “flower of flowers.” These flowers are carefully hand-picked in the early morning hours, at their peak fragrance, and then distilled immediately. The gorgeous aroma is popular in the perfumery world and has been a key ingredient in such timeless masterpieces as Chanel N°5 and Opium by Yves Saint Laurent. Ylang Ylang is well known as an aphrodisiac and can be wonderful in a romantic massage blend. It eases the mind, releases nervous tension, and supports full-body relaxation. Ylang Ylang also helps to retain moisture in the skin and hair when diluted and used topically.

roman chamomileRoman Chamomile

The Chamaemelum nobile is a small evergreen perennial that grows low to the ground. The hairy stems and threadlike leaves support small, vibrant, daisy-like flowers that provide an essential oil with a soft, pale yellow color and an intense, sweet apple-fruity aroma. Chamomile and sleep go hand-in-hand; if rest is what you’re after, this may be just what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a few drops in your diffuser before bedtime or adding a couple drops to a bedside passive diffuser, Chamomile brings to mind sweet moments of relaxation. When diluted and used topically, its anti-inflammatory properties can help soothe sore muscles and ease joint pain associated with aging or overuse.

wild chrysanthemumWild Chrysanthemum Absolute

Wild Chrysanthemum Absolute is a solvent extracted oil made from the perennial herb or sub-shrub known as Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium), or Queen of the East. Its exotic, warm, full-bodied floral aroma stimulates the body and mind and makes a powerful addition to essential oil blends. When diluted and used topically, this absolute may support comfort in the face of sore muscles and occasional achy joints. Additionally, you can enjoy this oil in personal care, perfumery, and body care DIYs for its wonderful floral aroma.