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10 of the Most Fall-tastic Essential Oils


10 of the Most Fall-tastic Essential Oils

Plant Therapy Fall Blends

When autumn rolls around, it’s time to open our hearts and give thanks for all the things we are grateful for. That crisp morning air is exhilarating, the bright color spectrum of the foliage is remarkable, and who doesn’t love finally bringing out all of their sweater-weather wardrobes? If you’re a fan of fall (and really, who isn’t?), then now is the perfect time to bring the aromas of this wonderful season into your life!

So, what does fall smell like to you? Is it warm and spicy? Rich and sweet? Does it just make you want to curl up on the couch under your softest blanket with a delicious mug of tea? Even though we all may have different ideas about the best parts of fall, there are definitely some quintessential aromas that come to mind. We’ve gathered together some of our favorite fall essential oils for you to enjoy during this amazing time of the year!

Clove Bud

Plant Therapy Clove Bud Essential Oil

Crack open a bottle of this spicy essential oil and you may instantly start imaging hot cups of Chai tea, warm apple butter, and an extra cozy evening. Clove Bud has a distinct aroma that is very easy to pick out. In fact, it can quickly overpower a blend with just a few drops, so use carefully! It adds the perfect touch of spiciness to your favorite fall blends and can even be used topically to enjoy its therapeutic benefits. Dilute this powerful essential oil to a maximum of 0.5% in your favorite carrier oil and massage onto aching joints for some all natural pain relief.

Vanilla Oleoresin

Plant Therapy Vanilla Oleoresin Essential Oil

Warm like Clove Bud, but strongly sweet instead of spicy. Vanilla is a scent most of us have been familiar with since we were children digging in the cookie jar! Its inviting aroma makes it a perfect autumn essential oil, whether you want to diffuse it – or wear it! Dilute it to 1-2% in a carrier oil for amazing solid perfumes, lip balms, or a delicious smelling roll-on bottle (just remember to shake it good every time you use it! The Vanilla will settle). Not only does Vanilla smell enchanting, it can also help reduce nervous tension and agitation, and with the holidays coming up, well, sometimes we could all use a little help to keep our cool!

Cinnamon Bark

plant therapy cinnamon bark essential oil

Autumn air is filled with the delicious aromas of baked treats, and with those cookies, pies, and pastries heating up, so is the irresistible scent of cinnamon. With Cinnamon Essential Oil, you can keep that smell with you – without all the cooking and calories! As a very strong oil, it is best to diffuse rather than apply topically. Combine 2 drops of Cinnamon with 4 drops of Vanilla Oleoresin and 2 drops of Orange Sweet to fill your home with a vibrant fall fragrance. You can also sprinkle a few drops on a dish filled with pine cones, to give a small room a cozy, sweet, and spicy smell!

Need a few more amazing fall-time essential oil suggestions? Try these oils in your favorite fall blends and DIY projects to bring out the cozy, inviting, and warm aromas of the season!

Plant Therapy Fall Blends

Need even more fall in your life? Then good thing it’s time for a new trio of seasonal blends! This year our fall blends include Harvest Moon, Pumpkin Pie, and Spiced Orange to enjoy all season – or year – long!

Please keep in mind that not all of the oils mentioned here are safe for young children to be exposed to. Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark, Cinnamon Cassia, Nutmeg, and Ginger are not considered safe for children age 10 and under. Additionally, use these oils cautiously if applying topically, as they each have very high dilution rates for safety.