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10 Best Essential Oils and How to Use Them


10 Best Essential Oils and How to Use Them

When you first start shopping for essential oils, it’s easy to get overwhelmed right off the bat. With so many wonderful choices, how do you know which one to get? We often get calls and messages from newer customers who need a bit of guidance on what to buy, but it’s not always an easy answer. There are so many different things to consider before making a purchase: What kind of problem are you trying to address? What type of scents do you enjoy? Are you sensitive to certain aromas? Do you prefer using organic ingredients or does it not really matter? Will the essential oil be used on or near a child?

See what I mean? There are a lot of things to think about when making your essential oil choices and everyone has their own unique needs. But to give newcomers a solid head start on their essential oil journey, we’ve compiled this list of the 10 most popular and versatile essential oils. You’ll learn why these oils are so widely used throughout the world and some of the most beneficial ways you can bring them into your own life!


Essential oil bottle next to lavender

Lavender Essential Oil is an all-around great oil that just about everyone can benefit from. It’s known to be a wonderful choice when we need our minds to wind down because of its immediate calming effect on the nervous system—making it helpful as well for supporting quality sleep! Additionally, Lavender can comfort our aches and pains, provide relief when headaches strike, and help reduce the always unwanted symptoms of seasonal allergies. It’s great to help freshen up your home or add to your cleaning products, soothe painful burns and skin inflammations, and calm itchy irritations. And this is all in addition to having a lovely herbaceous-floral aroma that works like a charm for beautifying skin and hair.

We sell Lavender Essential Oil in both organic and non-organic forms. Our pre-diluted roll-on is perfect for beginners who want to get to know Lavender without buying an undiluted bottle. We also have Lavender Lotion and Lavender Aloe Jelly. This essential oil is part of our KidSafe line of products, is nursing and pregnancy safe, and has a shelf life of 3-4 years.

Learn so much more about this powerhouse oil and how to use it here: 10 Ways to Use Lavender Essential Oil


essential oil bottle with lemons and mint

This quintessential citrus essential oil is exactly what you need for bringing sunshine indoors! It’s bright, fresh, and wonderfully uplifting and energizing. Lemon is known to promote mental clarity and focus, while its zesty and tangy aroma helps boost your mood! It’s popularly used to boost household cleaning products because of its immune-supporting properties.

Lemon is another choice we offer in organic and non-organic. It is also offered in a steam distilled form, which is safer for topical applications as it isn’t phototoxic. Lemon is KidSafe, pregnancy and nursing safe, and has a shelf life of 1-2 years.

To learn more, read Explore Your Essential Oils: Lemon and Cleaning with Essential Oils: Six Oils to Enhance Your Routine

Tea Tree

Tea Tree Essential Oil Plant Therapy

Tea Tree is a go-to for tons of skincare needs. You’ll even find it commonly listed as an ingredient in many soaps and cleansers you can buy at the store. It helps with skin blemishes and irritations. It’s also a great one to use for cleaning because of its ability to fight odors and promote healthier air quality. Musty towels, gym bags, and stinky shoes don’t stand a chance against Tea Tree!

Our Tea Tree comes in organic and non-organic, as a pre-diluted roll-on, and as a lotion. It is pregnancy and nursing safe and has a shelf life of 2-3 years. To learn more information and recipes, check out 17 Last Minute DIYs with Lavender, Lemon, and Tea Tree.


The fresh, clean, and invigorating aroma that comes from Peppermint Essential Oil is hard to mistake. One of the best things about it is how much of a powerful brain energizer it is. It stimulates the mind, supports memory, focus, concentration, and mental performance. If you’re looking to step up your game this year, Peppermint is a must-have.

We offer Peppermint in both organic and non-organic forms, as a pre-diluted roll-on, and in a lotion. This is not a KidSafe oil; however, a close substitution to Peppermint is Spearmint, which is safe to use around young children. Peppermint is pregnancy safe, but not nursing safe, and has a 4-5 year shelf life.

Check out this DIY using Peppermint for a little bit of natural motivation: Healthy Habits DIY


bergamot essential oilBergamot is one of the most popular citrus oils available. It has an incredibly bright and fruity aroma and is full of mind and body benefits. It is calming and uplifting, making it perfect for a wide variety of emotional issues. It is also often used for skincare, digestion comfort, and easing tension from the body.

Our Bergamot is available organic or non-organic. It is KidSafe, pregnancy and nursing safe, and has a shelf life of 2-3 years. To learn more about Bergamot, check out 5 Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil.

Frankincense Carterii

Frankincense Carteri Essential Oil Plant Therapy

This is an ideal essential oil to help promote the healing of bruises, swelling, sores, and discomfort. It helps to rejuvenate the look of mature skin and is a popular skincare choice. Emotionally, Frankincense Carterii is incredibly soothing, especially during times of grief and sorrow.

Organic, non-organic, a pre-diluted roll-on, and CO2 products are all available for Frankincense Carterii. It is KidSafe, pregnancy and nursing safe, and has a shelf life of 2-3 years. Learn more about Frankincense Carterii here.

Sweet Orange

Orange Sweet essential oil plant therapy

Bright, sweet, and uplifting, this “happy” oil is wonderful to support a positive outlook. When stress and sadness are taking a toll on your well-being, Sweet Orange might be a perfect addition to your day. Plus, it can help keep your immune system strong and makes an excellent addition to cleaning products.

We offer both organic and non-organic Sweet Orange. It is KidSafe, safe during pregnancy and nursing, and has a shelf life of 1-2 years. Learn more about Sweet Orange on our Spotlight blog!


Vetiver essential oil plant therapy

Not too many oils can complete with how incredibly relaxing and balancing Vetiver is. It helps improve sleep, promotes positive thinking, is grounding, and is very skin-nourishing. With a unique smokey and earthy aroma, Vetiver is a popular choice.

Vetiver is available as an organic and non-organic product. It is KidSafe, pregnancy and nursing safe, and has a shelf life of a whopping 6-8 years. Learn more about Vetiver with our Top 4 Ways to Use Vetiver.

Roman Chamomile

essential oil bottle surrounded by white flowers

The sweet, apple-like scent of Roman Chamomile is known to be relaxing during times of worry and anxiousness. It is one of the best essential oils to use before going to bed because of how it eases emotional and physical tension. Roman Chamomile can also support healthy digestion when your stomach isn’t feeling at its best.

We sell organic and non-organic Roman Chamomile. It is KidSafe, pregnancy and nursing safe, and has a shelf life of 2-3 years. Learn more about Chamomile here.

Clary Sage

The earthy, fruity, and floral aroma of Clary Sage is balancing and calming, which makes it perfect when wanting to reduce feelings of anxiety and symptoms associated with depression. It helps create a calming atmosphere and supports mood stabilization.

You can get it in organic or non-organic forms, it is KidSafe, nursing safe but not pregnancy safe, and has a shelf life of 3-4 years.

Want to learn more about essential oils? Our Safe Essential Oil Recipes page on Facebook has thousands of active EO enthusiasts who love to share their stories, recipes, and so much more!