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How to Clean an Essential Oils Diffuser


How to Clean an Essential Oils Diffuser

How to Clean a Plant Therapy Rose Gold DiffuserAn essential oil diffuser is one of the simplest ways to utilize the benefits of essential oils. Diffusers break down the oils into small particles that can travel in the air so that the aroma is dispersed throughout a room. A diffuser with high-quality essential oils can change the energy and feel of an entire room. Pretty powerful stuff!

If you’re like me and use your diffuser on a regular basis, it’s important to keep it working at its best. Diffusers develop a buildup of residue that can affect the efficiency of the diffuser and the quality of the experience. That means that every once in a while, it needs a good cleaning.

Diffusers require regular cleaning, but if yours is giving you any of the following problems, it’s time to clean it ASAP:

  • It diffuses poorly.
  • You notice a lack of mist coming from it.
  • It starts making strange noises.
  • Its usual noises suddenly become louder.

Of course, it might not be doing any of these things, but maybe it’s starting to look rather grimy and gross. My diffuser was looking pretty sad, so I decided it needed a nice cleaning. All diffusers will come with instructions on how to clean them, but if you are like me, you no longer have those instructions. Plus, I wanted an easy trick that I could use to clean any of my machines.

This is how my diffuser looked before I cleaned it:

Interior Oil Diffuser Before Cleaning

This is how my diffuser looked after I cleaned it:

Interior Oil Diffuser After Cleaning

Much better right?

All I did was fill up the tank with a solution of half vinegar, half water. I then let it sit overnight, but it really only needs to sit for a few hours. Make sure you use tap water and not filtered water or distilled water. If your diffuser is acting a little weird, I recommend you give it a quick clean and then see how it works. Most of the time, this will fix the problem if you are using tap water.

In the morning, I just took a dry rag and wiped it out. That was it. Now it looks so nice and clean! This technique can be used with most diffusers. You can also take a cotton ball dipped in vinegar and clean the small, tight spots that might not have rinsed away. And don’t forget to dry it thoroughly with cotton swabs or a clean towel after you empty the cleaning solution.

Clean your diffuser often

How to Clean Plant Therapy Aromafuse DiffusersIt’s necessary to keep your diffuser in good shape by cleaning it on a regular basis. While this might seem like a pain in the butt at first it will soon become part of your regular household cleaning routine. And the good news is that cleaning it only takes a few minutes, and you will appreciate how shiny and nice it looks.

Think of your diffuser as an investment in your health and wellbeing. The better you take care of it, the better it will take care of you. You also don’t want to have to bring it in for repairs or buy a new one just because you weren’t keeping it clean; right?

Know how to clean your model of diffuser

It’s a good idea to check the recommendations specific to your diffuser. Check the manual and see what it suggests. Also, take note of the specifics of your warranty. Some diffuser warranties may become void if you use vinegar in them. Diffusers usually give specific instructions for cleaning in the user manual, but if you are unsure, call the customer service of your diffuser’s brand, or check their website for cleaning instructions.

Clean your machine every time you use it

Some diffuser brands recommend cleaning after every use. It may seem easier just to leave the water and the oils in the diffuser for next time, but some oils can be corrosive. If you want your diffuser to have a long life and work at its top performance level, empty it and give it a wipe-down after each use.

You can also inadvertently affect the experience of new oils if there are leftover oils with a different scent that were left. A few other tips to keep your diffuser working at its best are to avoid placing it in direct sunlight or right next to a fan. Make sure to unplug it before you clean it and give the top a wipe down when it gets dusty. Take care of your diffuser and give it regular cleanings to maximize the benefit from your investment.