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Get To Know Our Organic Sampler Set


Get To Know Our Organic Sampler Set

Do you love organic products? Do you love saving money? If you answered a resounding “yes!”, then you are going to love our Organic Sampler Set. Not only does it include some of the best must-have essential oils for your collection, but you can be sure that each oil is USDA Certified Organic. And didn’t I mention something about saving money? I sure did! Buying essential oils in sets is considerably less stress on the wallet compared to buying them individually. The Organic Sampler Set is no different. In fact, you save a whopping 45%, which is just a couple dollars shy of a $30 savings!

Don’t know much about the difference between organic and non-organic essential oils? No worries. Check out our blog Why Buy Organic to learn more.

Now let’s take a look at what this set is all about.

Organic Rosemary 1,8-Cineole

Stimulating and refreshing, this oil is known to improve alertness and ease stress. It can help reduce pain, relax muscles, and improve circulation. Studies show the invigorating herbal aroma can improve the speed of learning, as well as support long-term memory. The compound that makes Rosemary so distinctive is 1,8-cineole, which aids a brain chemical linked to learning and memory. It is also known to increase blood supply to the brain, making it useful when you’re suffering from poor concentration or nervous debility .

Woman thinking during a lecture

To get the most out of this oil, add a few drops of Rosemary to your diffuser anytime you could use a little extra help staying focused. It makes a perfect study buddy when used in an aromatherapy inhaler or could be added to a carrier oil at 2-5% and applied to the wrists.

Organic Sweet Orange

Cheerful and uplifting, Sweet Orange relieves worry and tension, supports a healthy immune system, improves the aroma of a stale room, and soothes frazzled nerves. Since it is known to promote energy and uplift a person’s mood, it can also have a positive impact on creativity! So give it a try when you are feeling stuck, heavy-hearted, or overwhelmed. It’s a wonderful go-to for all kinds of emotional needs and is also a great addition to cleaning products. It contains a naturally occurring solvent called limonene, which is great for cutting through grease and grime. Its antiseptic properties make it a potent cleanser for use on cutting boards, countertops, bathrooms and any surface where you want a germ-free clean. Its citrusy fragrance makes a great choice for diffusing to give the air a clean and fresh feeling.

Organic Peppermint

A powerful brain energizer, Peppermint stimulates the mind, supports memory, focus, concentration, and mental performance. Studies show that Peppermint can help reduce mental stress, help with focus, and assist in keeping you on task. It is also a great place to turn when you have a tummy in distress. That’s because Peppermint helps to relax the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract so that you can get on properly digesting. And when everything is moving along like it should be, say goodbye to feeling cramped, bloated, and gassy. Just dilute to 2-3% in a carrier oil and massage onto your abdomen in a clockwise fashion.

But that’s not all Peppermint can do! The cool and fresh aroma can help relieve the acute pain associated with headaches. Diluting Peppermint in your favorite carrier oil and applying it topically on the temples and back of the neck has shown to relieve pain and be a well-tolerated alternative to taking the edge off of a headache .

Organic Cedarwood Atlas

The woody, earthy smell of Cedarwood Atlas is great for promoting a restful night’s sleep. It’s an excellent choice after a busy day when you want to quiet your mind and set a peaceful tone for rest or when you just need to ground your mind and focus on a task. It is great to diffuse or use in an aromatherapy inhaler to support a healthy respiratory system. You can also add a few drops into your favorite shampoo to promote a healthy and flake-free scalp!

Woman's hand pulling clothes from the closet

Oh, and have you ever heard the old wives tale about Cedarwood repelling moths? Well, that is not a myth; moth larvae (the culprit behind those random tiny holes in your shirt) can not stand the aroma of Cedarwood. Just place a few drops on a cotton ball or your favorite passive diffusion method and place it in your closet. Refresh it often enough to keep the aroma apparent, or expect those little critters to come back for a snack!

Organic Citronella

You may already be pretty familiar with Citronella since it’s aroma is easy to associate with outdoor pest repellents. And while that is a great way to use this essential oil, it is surely not the only way!

The soft lemony citrus scent with wood tones promotes a calm and relaxed atmosphere. It also supports a healthy respiratory system and is a great choice to diffuse in the home during times of seasonal illness. Citronella can also help you find some relief from the aches and discomfort associated with aging joints. Just dilute to 1-3% and massage onto the areas of concern.

Organic Eucalyptus Globulus

Known for its relaxing, pain-reducing effects and helping to break up mucus and other congestion issues, Eucalyptus Globulus is especially useful if you are suffering from a sinus headache. It’s also a great way to open the airways and help relieve sinus pressure , making it a useful addition to this sampler set!

Feet on treadmills at the gym

This oil is great to use topically because of its ability to ease soreness and promote a healthy inflammatory response. In fact, many over-the-counter medications for joint and muscle health include this potent essential oil for that reason. It is ideal to help comfort muscles that are sore after a strenuous workout, helping to make the whole exercise experience much better! You can also diffuse it to help increase your energy and sustain a positive mood.

So are you ready to get all these amazing organic oils and save a ton of money at the same time?!

If you can’t manage it right now, that’s okay—our sets are always discounted, so you’ll get this great deal of 45% off the price without having to worry about an expiration date.

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Want to learn about more ways you can use all the amazing oils in this Organic Sampler Set? Check out our Safe Essential Oils Recipe group on Facebook for tons of recipes, information, and inspiration!


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