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The Best Products for Aging Skin


The Best Products for Aging Skin

Beauty is only skin deep. You know that, we know that, but still—there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look as good as you feel. And while none of us can turn back the unstoppable hands of time, a lot of us still spend a whole lot of that time trying.

So to save you some time, we’ve compiled a run-down of some of the best products you can use for skin you want to help freshen up!

Older woman riding bike happily outdoors with pink roses in the backgroundFrankincense, Myrrh, & Elemi

In general, resin-based oils are great for reducing the appearance of scars and supporting healthy tissue regrowth . Frankincense (all varieties), Myrrh, and Elemi have wonderful skin care benefits that include supporting aged and dry complexions, balancing sebum (the natural oil your body produces), and reducing the appearance of wrinkles . This makes them each a great choice to help rejuvenate dull or mature skin!

To restore healthy, younger-looking skin, dilute Elemi, Frankincense, or Myrrh to 1% in your favorite carrier oil and apply to your face. Or, if you’re looking for a super powerful anti-aging blend, try 2 drops each of Elemi, Lavender, and Neroli to 4 teaspoons of our Younger Glo Carrier Oil Blend.

Geranium Egyptian

Geranium Egyptian Essential Oil Plant Therapy

Well-known for the ability to help tone skin and revitalize complexion, Geranium Egyptian is excellent for mature skin. Its skin-balancing properties are tough enough to help with blemishes, dryness, and the appearance of wrinkles, but gentle enough for thin and sensitive skin. It works to help balance the production of sebum, which is the natural oil that helps keep skin supple.

To help improve the overall skin complexion on your face, just take a teaspoon of your favorite carrier oil, face wash, or lotion and add one single drop of Geranium Egyptian. Apply a pea-sized amount it to a clean face in the evenings.

Learn more at 4 Ways to Use Geranium Egyptian.

Ylang Ylang Complete

Ylang Ylang Complete from Plant Therapy

This exotic, floral essential oil is known for its ability to help prevent the signs of aging and even help promote the development of healthy skin . It has a sebum-balancing effect that is great for all skin types and has a long history of traditional use to nourish and rejuvenate skin .

A quick and easy way to enjoy the benefits of Ylang Ylang Complete for your skincare is to use it in a steam facial. To do this, add a single drop of Ylang Ylang into a bowl of hot, but not boiling, water and hover your face above the bowl for a few minutes. The skin-nourishing properties Ylang Ylang will infuse your skin, helping support a youthful complexion while also giving your skin a lovely sweet scent.

Learn more at Our Top 4 Ways to Use Ylang Ylang Complete

Woman's hand rubbing lotion on other handCarrot Seed

We can’t talk about essential oils that are great for mature skin without mentioning Carrot Seed. While the aroma is a bit less than desired (this isn’t something you’ll want to put solo in your diffuser!), it is a great option to help breathe life into dull skin. Carrot Seed is rich in carotenoids, which is wonderfully supportive of aging skin and overall skin tone .

If you’re not excited about wearing the Carrot Seed scent on your face, try blending it with essential oils that are able to tone it down a bit, like Ylang Ylang! Our Fountain of Youth Face Serum combines both of those essential oils, along with Frankincense Frereana, for a serum that rejuvenates and moisturizes mature skin.

Rose Absolute

For dehydrated, dull, mature skin, Rose is the way to go! Rose Absolute is wonderful to soothe and moisturize all skin types. It can soothe inflammation by constricting capillaries, which make it ideal for dealing with thread veins (commonly referred to as “spider veins”). For facial and neck applications, make sure to dilute to 1% in a carrier oil. One drop of Rose Absolute and two drops of Frankincense Frereana with 2 teaspoons (10 mL) of a carrier makes an excellent supportive and fragrant serum for the face and neck.

Learn more at Our Top 4 Ways to Use Rose Absolute

Avocado Carrier Oil

Avocado Carrier Oil contains vitamins A, B, D, E, and beta carotene. This penetrating monounsaturated oil is a bit thicker than most carrier oils and is often added to other carriers rather than used alone. Only a small amount of Avocado Oil is needed to enrich the vitamin content of other carriers and is excellent for mature, dry, and sun-damaged skin.

Camellia Seed Carrier Oil

To help protect skin from free radical damage while nourishing mature skin, Camellia Seed is a great place to start! It absorbs quickly into the skin and is rich in antioxidants that help to revitalize and rejuvenate skin.

To learn more about carrier oils, check out our in-depth look at each one we carry at A Deep Dive Into Carrier Oils.

essential oils can benefit dry skin

Younger Glo Carrier Oil Blend

This aptly named carrier oil blend was designed especially for everyone who wants to support skin showing signs of aging. This blend contains the powerful oils of Sesame Seed, Organic Sunflower, Camellia Seed, Rosehip, Organic Argan, and vitamin E. It helps to gradually reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while supporting a gorgeous glow!

Near Perfection Carrier Oil Blend

Another wonderfully supportive carrier oil blend, Near Perfection, helps make your skin just that—near perfection! You’ll love its blend of Almond, Jojoba, Avocado, Tamanu, and vitamin E. It helps to reduce the appearance of marks and imperfections on the skin. And helps soften, condition, and balance dry, aging skin.

Apply these carrier oil blends on at 100% strength or add skin-loving essential oils to it to add a bit of power!

Woman riding her bike outside looking at her phone

Need more inspiration and information on what products to turn to for aging skin? Head over to our Safe Essential Oil Recipes Facebook group!


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