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Say Hello to No Worries, Our Newest KidSafe Blend


Say Hello to No Worries, Our Newest KidSafe Blend

No worries… be happy. Right? Well, easier said than done sometimes. Worry can be a surefire way to ruin an otherwise beautiful day. It can leave you or your kiddos distracted, nervous, unfocused or agitated. And that can lead to lack of sleep or trouble at school. That’s where No Worries comes in. The woodsy, sweet, citrusy scent can help soothe the mind and uplift the spirit. And with a calm, clear mind, your kids can enjoy the sweet moments in life and respond to their worry-emergencies with an optimistic outlook and smile on their faces!

Woodsy. Citrusy. Tell Me More!

No Worries, Our Newest KidSafe Blend

One of the first things you might notice about No Worries is the woody, floral notes of Ho Wood. This oil is high in calming linalool, which helps promote a calm and relaxing environment. Coriander Seed provides a hint of spice while soothing frazzled nerves and elevating your mood. And Orange Sweet provides the uplifting citrus notes that round out this soothing blend. After all, Orange Sweet is also known as the “happy oil”! You’ll also find Orange Essence, Amyris, Geranium Bourbon and Pink Grapefruit in this great little blend.

KidSafe… But Not Just for Kids.

No Worries, Our Newest KidSafe Blend

When we create something for our KidSafe line, we do it with your kiddos in mind. But that doesn’t mean that us adults can’t benefit from it either! Because, quite frankly, adulting is hard. Everything from bills to meal planning to the 9-5 grind can take a toll. So when you use No Worries to help your kids relax and enjoy life, stop and enjoy the woodsy, citrusy aroma for yourself.

Add No Worries to your oily collection today!

So Many Blends. Which One to Choose?

In case you haven’t noticed, Plant Therapy has tons of options to help you and your little ones feel calm and relaxed. But if you’ve ever wondered which one would be best for your current situation. Wonder no more! We’ve created an easy flow chart to help you find the right anti-anxiety blend for you. Whether you need something KidSafe, something for whole body relaxation, or something to help you get to sleep, we’ve got you covered!

Which Anti-Anxiety Blend Should You Choose

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