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Planting Kindness for The Trevor Project


Planting Kindness for The Trevor Project

A world where every person doesn’t just feel like they fit it, but one where they truly belong, is a world I think most of us can stand behind. No matter our unique circumstances and differences, it’s a beautiful thing to support one another as we each walk our own journey. And that’s what Planting Kindness is all about! With each month we try to shine a spotlight on some amazing organizations that work to tackle issues that affect people from all walks of life. Issues like mental health, cancer research, veteran support, homelessness, and more — and this month we are proud to support The Trevor Project.

The Trevor Project is the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning) young people. With trained counselors on call, an expansive resource center, and nationwide advocacy initiatives, The Trevor Project dedicates itself to the interests and well-being of LGBTQ young people.

This month we are bringing back our popular Pride Essential Oil Blend to support this amazing organization. For each Pride blend purchased, Plant Therapy will donate $5 to The Trevor Project. Want to donate directly? Please visit The Trevor Foundation’s donation page.

Pride Essential Oil Blend


Made specifically for Pride Month, this blend captures the fun, unapologetic, and unwavering spirit of the LGBTQ community. One whiff of the blend and you’ll pick up its fun and uplifting scent. Blending sparkling Pink Grapefruit, zesty Steam Distilled Lime, and juicy Mandarin with Black Pepper and Magnolia, this blend has an overall bright, yet spicy and sweet floral aroma.

Add this fresh blend into your diffuser for an uplifting atmosphere. Or, add it to unscented lotion or cream to take in its sweet citrus aroma throughout your day. Due to the addition of sweet Magnolia oil, this blend does not meet our KidSafe standards; however, this is due to its low dermal application rate. In Pride, Magnolia is added at less than 10% of the essential oil blend and therefore poses no risk to persons aged 10 and over, provided topical application directions are followed. There are no concerns with DIFFUSING this blend around children aged 2-10.

Try our Pride Flag Soap DIY for a fun, uplifting way to enjoy this blend!

Pride Flag DIY Soap

For more information on The Trevor Project and how you can help, please visit to donate, fundraise, or participate in other ways to give.