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Planting Kindness for the Jed Foundation


Planting Kindness for the Jed Foundation

To bring awareness to mental health during the month of May, we are excited to highlight an organization that champions mental health education, resources, and support for our nation’s teens and young adults: The Jed Foundation.

This non-profit organization was started in 1998 when founders Phil and Donna Satow tragically lost their youngest son to suicide. Since that time, the organization has aspired to provide young people with free mental health resources and crisis support. They partner with high schools, colleges, and community centers across the country to help equip young people with the tools they need to help themselves through mental health challenges and confidently navigate into adulthood.

In addition to their on-the-ground work, The Jed Foundation runs a free online resource center for young people in need of immediate crisis support and advice. The topics covered are broad and intersectional, spanning academic stress, body-image issues, self-harm, substance abuse, and discrimination.

To help support this organization, we’ve formulated a brand-new essential oil blend. It is available only through the month of May, so make sure you don’t delay if you want to give it a try and contribute to an amazing cause! With each purchase, we will donate $5 to The Jed Foundation

Self-Care Essential Oil Blend


Essential oils can be a wonderful way to support your mental health journey. While not a replacement for professional mental health care, essential oils can help uplift emotions, calm nervous exhaustion, ease feelings of worry, and so much more. With that in mind, we’ve crafted Self-Care Essential Oil Blend. Its enticing, bright, herbaceous aroma awakens the senses, while floral notes of Ylang Ylang and Neroli add a touch of sweetness. Grounding oils like Copaiba and Vetiver help calm the mind and body, while spicy and warm Black Pepper and herbaceous Petitgrain support feelings of alertness. A citrus medley of Pink Grapefruit and Tangerine oils, alongside the natural isolate of Citral, creates a bright, happy aroma, whenever you need it!

Experiencing the benefits of this blend is so simple.

Add a few drops to your diffuser and fill your environment with the uplifting, fresh aroma. No diffuser – no problem! Try a couple of drops on a tissue, cotton round, or one of our passive diffusers. This way you can quickly and easily enjoy the blend at your bedside, office, or wherever you might need a little mental boost and fortitude. To use topically, dilute to 1-2% in your favorite carrier oil or body lotion.

To learn more about The Jed Foundation and all the good they do at

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