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Kick the Crud with Essential Oils


Kick the Crud with Essential Oils

No matter who you are, we all share something in common — getting sick. If sore throats, persistent coughs, runny noses, and those pesky aches and pains are running rampant in your life right now, it just might be the perfect time to reach for your essential oils. Because thankfully, Mother Nature has given us these incredible tools for feeling good and staying healthy, the natural way — all we have to do is use them! Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite ways to kick the crud using your essential oils.

TerraFuse Diffuser diffusing

Breathe in that fresh, aromatic air

Diffusing essential oils in your home is a great place to start when you or a loved one is getting sick. Whether you’re using an ultrasonic diffuser, personal inhaler, or passive diffuser, you can’t go wrong with enjoying essential oils through the simple act of inhalation. Find some inspiration with these blogs to help you find just the right recipe for your situation.

Mom rolling Quiet Cough pre-diluted roller onto the back of her daughter's neck

Customize and apply topically

The topical application of essential oils can support a wide variety of concerns. This method can be as easy as simply diluting your EO in a carrier oil and rubbing on, or more complex, like a multi-ingredient balm. Try one of our many targeted roll-on blends, like Quiet Cough, Immune Boom, or Tummy Aid for ready-to-use options, or dilute yourself using our dilution recommendations for each oil or blend. If you want to try your hand at something a bit more difficult, check out these DIYs designed to support a healthy and happy immune system!

person dropping essential oil bowl

EOs and steam — the dream team!

If you wake up with that dreaded tingle in your throat or pounding in the temples, a hot shower with some essential oils can provide a much-needed boost! Seriously as simple as adding a few drops to a washcloth and positioning it out of direct water spray, suddenly your shower becomes a therapeutic experience. The heat and steam activate the unique characteristics of your chosen oil and can provide gentle, pleasant relief from uncomfortable symptoms. Try Peppermint for a throbbing head, Clary Sage for stomach cramps, Eucalyptus for congestion, or Lemon when you need a little extra energy to keep going.

If a shower isn’t a possibility, there’s always the hugely beneficial method of using a steam. While similar in idea to how essential oils can be used in the shower, using a steam helps target specific areas of concern. A steam consists of heating a bowl of water and adding a drop of two of essential oil into the water. Then you close your eyes, lean your face over the bowl, and gently inhale and exhale. You may also put a towel over your head to help keep the fragrant steam close to your face. This can be a rather intense experience if too much essential oil is used, so pay attention to how you feel when breathing in and adjust the number of drops you use if any irritation occurs. For a breakdown of the steam method and some fantastic recipes, read The Art of Steam (Part 1).

Soak up those good vibes

And finally, who doesn’t love a good bath when you’re feeling cruddy? Creating a bath salt blend is as easy as diluting your essential oil in a carrier oil, adding salt, and voila! Or try your hand at all-natural bath bombs DIYs for a fizzy and soothing soak when muscle aches and pains are bringing you down. Check out our suggestions here to get you started:

We hope we’ve built up your crud-fighting toolbox with this blog, but if you’re interested in more ways to use essential oils to support your immune system, check out these blogs. Got a tried-and-true natural remedy you love? We’d love to hear it in the comments!