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Introducing Plant Therapy's Bath Bombs


Introducing Plant Therapy's Bath Bombs

Everyone deserves a little rest and relaxation after the year we just had. And nothing says self-care like basking in a warm, nice bath. Plus, upgrading your bath with a bath bomb is the exact piece you’ll need to fully immerse in total serenity. Soothe, nourish and pamper yourself with our handcrafted Bath Bombs, which is just what you need for the perfect night in.

These bath bombs are more than just entertaining, bubbly features. They’re made with natural fragrances like lavender or citrus can help you decompress before a night’s rest while giving you the added benefit of self-care.

What’s Special About Our Bath Bombs

Handcrafted in Twin Falls, Idaho, these extra-large bath bombs create the ultimate bath bomb experience. Each bath bomb gives you 3 minutes of fun, fizzy yet subtly colorful action that will evenly disperse after dropping it into your warm water. If one is too much, you can break it up into smaller pieces to use for your next bath. Overall, its soothing, calming, and uplifting effects can help give you peace of mind.

Our bath bombs are made with naturally derived ingredients that are carefully formulated to help your skin feel more smooth and hydrated. The carrier oils, like Sunflower Oil, Camellia Oil, Jojoba Oil, Safflower Oil, and Vitamin E, in the bath bombs are incredibly nourishing to your skin and help you feel rejuvenated afterward. From warm vanilla to soothing lavender scents, the addition of essential oils and natural fragrances is just what you need to get that extra benefit to help uplift your mood, calm you down after a long day, or soothe your mind and body for a perfect night’s rest.

Plant Therapy's Bath Bombs

Introducing Our Line Up

Decompress after your day with any of these sweet, fragrant filled bath bombs. Packed (literally) with beneficial ingredients, these fun bath bombs will help promote calmness and help detox your mind and body. Check out our gorgeous lineup of handcrafted Bath Bombs:

  • Peach Siesta: A warm aroma of peach nectar that is fit for the perfect night of relaxation
  • Sweet Peace: A vanilla lavender scent with a hint of citrus that helps promote calmness of the mind
  • Candy Calm: A fresh, sweet citrus smell with lavender notes that can help you unwind
  • Ocean Sunset: A sea breeze aroma accompanied with sandalwood scents
  • Spiced Bliss: Spicy, warm and earthy scents
  • Mint Cream: An uplifting scent of fresh mint

Bath Bomb with squishy toy surprise

Bathtime Surprise

Just when you thought that the fun, fizzy shows were great, we made six more bath bombs that include a fun surprise toy inside after it’s dissolved into your bath. With a total of 9 different toys, we challenge you to collect them all!

  • Peachy Keen: Sweet and peachy scent with a touch of spice
  • Berry Chill: Bright citrus aroma with berry notes and a touch of soft chamomile
  • Be Happy: An aroma that emits creamy fruit punch scents
  • Lavender Lullabies: Dive into sweet serenity with the soft scents of lavender and honey
  • Sherbet Fizz: Refresh yourself with whiffs of sweet, citrusy sherbet
  • Cool & Calm: Stay cool, calm, and collected with the aroma of mint, citrus, and lavender

*Meet all the surprise squishy toys here!

6 of the Hand Crafted Bath Bombs with No Toys

What’s In Our Bath Bombs

Our team at Plant Therapy worked diligently to pack our bath bombs with ingredients to help hydrate your skin while also providing the sheer comfort and relaxation you deserve. Here’s a breakdown of our main ingredients:

  • Sodium Bicarbonate: Also known as Baking Soda, this acts as a buffering agent, skin protectant, and creates fizz when combined with citric acid and water.
  • Citric Acid: A mild preservative, found naturally in citrus fruits, when combined with sodium bicarbonate, it creates the fizzing action in the water.
  • Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil: Skin softener and conditioner that is high in vitamins A, B, D & E.
  • Kaolin: Made primarily of the mineral, Kaolinite. This ingredient cleanses, adds texture and bulk, and overall is safe for all skin types.
  • Olive Oil Glycereth-8 Esters: An olive oil derived ingredient modified to be water-dispersible.
  • Natural Fragrance: Made with essential oils and a variety of natural fragrances, depending on the bath bomb.
  • Camellia Sinensis Seed Oil: A skin-nourishing oil, derived from a tea seed.
  • Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil: Rich in vitamin E, helps promote skin conditioning.
  • Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil: Helps promote skin conditioning.
  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E): Another ingredient that helps promote skin conditioning and improves smoothness.
  • Mica: Used as a colorant, this is composed of Titanium Dioxide, Tin Oxide, and Iron Oxide.

Which bath bomb are you most excited to try? Leave us a comment below!