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Essential Oils for Soothing a Sore Throat


Essential Oils for Soothing a Sore Throat

The very common, very unpleasant symptoms of a sore throat hit all of us at some point or another, especially as the weather turns colder. This common viral or bacterial infection, also known as pharyngitis, is not just bad news for the person dealing with it — many times, sore throats can be contagious and spread quickly.

The scratchy, raw feeling inside your throat can cause continuous pain and make swallowing and talking much more difficult than it should be!

Many essential oils, with their ability to boost our immune system, calm inflammation, and soothe discomfort, can provide relief when a sore throat has you feeling down. Check out some of our recommendations if you are experiencing a sore throat:

1. Sandalwood Australian

When a sore throat ails you, Sandalwood is an excellent oil to reach for. Not only does it have a simply heavenly aroma that is both sweet and woody, but it also can help reduce inflammation and discomfort.

To use it topically, begin with a 1% dilution in your favorite carrier oil and apply to the throat. Because skin in this area can be more delicate than other areas of your body, it’s good practice to start at a lower dilution and work your way up from there (no higher than 3%). This depends on your individual reaction to it.

2. Peppermint

Peppermint is an all-around great essential oil to have in your first-aid kit. One of its primary constituents, menthol, is used commonly in many sore throat remedies.

If applied topically, the high menthol content gives the oil a cooling effect. This in itself would feel great on a sore throat! Recent studies have also found Peppermint to help the body recover when seasonal threats begin to take their toll .

3. Thyme Linalool

This powerful essential oil has therapeutic properties that make it great for a throat that needs a little help. A 2011 study showed that Thyme protects your body against icky illnesses that go around by boosting the immune system and supporting respiratory health .

4. Tea Tree

If your throat is feeling sore, Tea Tree has properties that help support the body’s healing process and help protect against other seasonal threats .

This popular, fresh and medicinal smelling essential oil is incredibly versatile. It is another great go-to when you are feeling under the weather.

5. Germ Fighter & KidSafe Germ Destroyer

Both blends are packed with amazing essential oils that can help keep your body on alert when your immune system is under attack. Try the Germ Fighter Pre-Diluted Roll-On or the Germ Destroyer Pre-Diluted Roll-On to apply directly to the hands to keep them clean and help prevent those germs from spreading!

There are also a few ways you can use these essential oils to help encourage respiratory health:

1. Apply Topically

Essential Oils for Soothing a Sore ThroatMix one of these essential oils with your favorite carrier and apply directly to the outside of the throat. Begin at a 1% dilution.

Depending on how your body reacts to it, you may choose to increase the dilution based on our maximum topical recommendation for that specific oil. If you want, you could even cool or warm the carrier oil if that feels good for you.

2. Steam Inhalation

woman in towel adding oil to tubAdd a single drop of essential oil to a bowl filled with very hot (but not quite boiling) water. Drape a towel over your head, close your eyes, and lean in close to the bowl and breathe.

You can also choose to inhale the steam without a towel if that is too intense for you.

3. Diffusion

Essential Oils for Soothing a Sore ThroatUse the intermittent timer on your diffuser and let it run for 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off. Doing this can help clean the air and may prevent the infection from spreading.

4. Gargling

Essential Oils for Soothing a Sore ThroatDilute your chosen essential oil to 1% in the carrier oil of your choice. Fractionated Coconut Oil is flavorless, odorless, and has a thin consistency, which may make it easy to gargle. Gargle for about 30 seconds and then spit out (in your trash so you don’t clog the sink drain!).

Just a warning: don’t expect this to taste great. But feeling better will be worth it! You can also gargle Pink Himalayan Salt in warm water if you have sensitive taste buds.

5. Hydrosols

Essential Oils for Soothing a Sore ThroatThese gentle products can be very calming and soothing when a sore throat strikes. They do not require any dilution and can be used in a variety of ways. Try Lavender Hydrosol or half Chamomile Hydrosol with half Tea Tree Hydrosol.

Spray directly on the throat as often as needed or use it with along with a warm compress on the outside of the throat. You may also gargle with hydrosols to find some comfort.

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To use, blend the essential oils with the carrier oil and apply to the neck.

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