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Spring Ahead: How to Get Better Sleep with EOs


Spring Ahead: How to Get Better Sleep with EOs

It’s that time of year again—time to Spring Ahead! No, it’s not as wonderful as Fall Back, where many of us get that extra hour of sleep, but it is a great indication that sunny skies and warm weather are about to wash away our winter blues. It also marks the perfect time to talk about essential oils and sleep.

Essential oil bottles next to lavender flowers

No matter who you are, we all have something in common. And what is that? Well, it’s the desire to get a good night’s sleep. Plant Therapy already has several blogs on this topic, which are great resources to go to if you’re wanting more in-depth information. Here, we’re going to talk briefly about our blends designed specially to promote a good night of sleep and how you can actually use them.

Sleep Tight

Plant Therapy Essential Oils Sleep Tight Sleep Sets

One of our newest additions to the family, Sleep Tight, is a beautiful blend of Lavender, Mandarin, Ylang Ylang Complete, Bitter Orange, and Hops Extract. This blend was made as an alternative to Sleep Aid, which includes the highly pungent, though very sedating, essential oil, called Valerian Root. Sleep Tight was our answer to create an adult sleep blend with a more universally appealing aroma. We’ve even put together a fantastic Sleep Tight Set, which includes just about everything you need to fall asleep fast and stay asleep longer.

To learn more about Sleep Tight, check out 4 Ways to Use Sleep Tight. Great Sleep is Just a Bottle Away!

Sleep Aid

One of our original sleep blends, Sleep Aid is a blend of Lavender, Mandarin, Ylang Ylang Complete, Valerian Root, and Neroli. Valerian Root is an incredible aid for sleeping, though its unique aroma isn’t favored by everyone. However, if a deep, hard sleep is what you’re after, this is the blend for you!

Use essential oils to help wake up rested after a great night of sleep

Nighty Night

As all parents and caregivers know, getting children settled down to sleep isn’t always an easy task. Plus, once they fall asleep, we want to have confidence that they’ll stay asleep. That way, we know they’re getting the rest they need to feel ready to take on the next day! Nighty Night is a KidSafe blend that intertwines fruity and earthy aromas that encourage all-over relaxation. By helping to promote a calming and peaceful atmosphere, this blend helps safely lull your little ones (and you!) into a deep and restful snooze.

Sweet Dreams

Another amazing KidSafe blend, Sweet Dreams is especially helpful to soothe a troubled mind. It differs from Nighty Night in that it’s designed to calm the mind instead of the whole body. It’s especially good for children who struggle with nightmares and bad dreams. Its slightly sweet scent of warmly spiced fruit helps to soothe turbulent emotions to promote a peaceful, uninterrupted night of rest.

Sweet Slumber

Plant Therapy Sweet Slumber Set

Finally, there’s Sweet Slumber. Formulated especially for the little ones who do not enjoy the aroma of Lavender, this blend combines Cedarwood and Ho Wood for calming, soothing, and sedating benefits. And like all of our KidSafe blends, this is a perfect choice for adults as well. We offer a Sweet Slumber KidSafe Set as well, which includes just what you need to help get the whole family settled down and ready to sleep soundly.

I’ve got the blend, now what do I do?

Once you pick out the blend that’s right for you, then comes the next step: using it. Sometimes it may seem kind of daunting to start using essential oils, but that’s okay! We are here to help and have plenty of resources to help you start on your oily journey. Check out The Essential Oils Crash Course For a Complete Beginner or 10 Best Essential Oils and How to Use Them. But for now, let’s take a quick look at how to use our amazing sleep blends.

First things first: I am going to boldly state that if you haven’t tried using a sleep blend before bed, you’re missing out. But how do you get started?

Time for the diffuser!

Plant Therapy NovaFuse diffuser on a table

Diffusing in your bedroom about a half hour before going to sleep is a great way to enjoy all of the relaxing benefits your blend has to offer. And can it get any easier? The oils are already perfectly blended for you, so all you have to do is add a few drops into your diffuser of choice, turn it on, and leave. Just remember to follow the directions of your specific diffuser to get the best and safest results.

Evening bath? Yes, please!

Believe it or not, using essential oils in the bath isn’t a difficult process. At its most basic level, all you really need is a bit of body wash (unscented preferably) and your chosen blend. For one tablespoon of body wash, add 9 drops of your blend for a 2% dilution. You can also choose to add 4 drops for a 1% dilution. Make it extra relaxing by adding half a cup of Epsom or Himalayan salt in your bath.

Don’t forget about it going on topically!

Woman sleeping on her bed

Diluting your chosen sleep blend with your favorite carrier oil, lotion, or cream is a great way to enjoy its aroma that will help lull you into a peaceful sleep. Plus, it’s a great excuse to give yourself a leg and foot rub in bed. Make sure to check the dilution recommendation for each blend and refer to our Comprehensive Dilution Guide if you need help!

Interested in learning more? Make sure to read these blogs:

And here’s a handy chart to help you get to know some of the essential oils used in sleep blends, and what constituents they have that aid in relaxation:

Top 20 essential oils for sleep

Remember, everybody is a little different; what helps you fall and stay asleep may be different than someone else. So don’t be afraid to try different essential oils to learn what works best for you.

And for a limited time, save 15% on our Sleep Sets using the code SLEEP.

For more ideas about how you can use essential oils to help get a good night of sleep, head on over to our Safe Essential Oil Recipes Facebook group!