White Cypress Essential Oil 10 mL

White Cypress Essential Oil 10 mL



Crisp and refreshing, the delightfully bright aroma of White Cypress Essential Oil is undoubtedly an Australian treasure. Growing native on the coastline, the Callitris columellaris is a coniferous tree in the Cupressaceae family and provides many of the same benefits as others in this family, like Cypress and Juniper. White Cypress can support a healthy respiratory system due to its high a-pinene content, making it great to reach for to help with seasonal discomfort. It is also uniquely high in limonene for a conifer oil, adding a distinct cheerful note to the overall scent profile. Try White Cypress in your diffuser to help ward off stale scents and create a fresh and clean environment. Topically, it may help support keeping skin healthy and balanced.

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