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Christina Anthis is a single mom, herbalist/aromatherapist, and author of The Hippy Homemaker. Christina is passionate about essential oil safety and loves to teach others how to safely use essential oils for the whole family.


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Christina's Favorites

Sniffle Stopper Synergy

Sniffle Stopper Synergy is one of my most frequently blends! Any time the kiddo or I get a stuffy nose or chest congestion, I use it in our diffusers to help us breathe easier.

Lil' Stinkers Kidsafe Otis Essential Oil Blend

I LOVE this blend so much! The warm inviting scent of lemon cookies is one of my favorites to diffuse throughout my house when guests are coming over.

Rapid Relief Synergy

Waking up with a crick in my neck is a common occurrence for me, making it hard for me to turn my neck without pain. I always keep Rapid Relief synergy on hand to make a soothing muscle salve!

Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil

Every essential oil arsenal needs a bottle of fractionated coconut oil! I use it to dilute my essential oils and make quick roll-ons.

Germ Destroyer Synergy

With a son in elementary school, I find myself constantly battling germs! I use Germ Destroyer in the diffuser to kill germs in the air, in my homemade hand sanitizer, in my diy cleaning solutions, and even in my foaming hand soap!

Coriander essential oil

I am addicted to the citrusy scent of coriander, so much so that I can't help but use it all of my favorite perfume and diffuser blends!

Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil is THE most used essential oil in my arsenal. Not only is it's scent delightful, but it is so versatile that I use it in everything from cleansing wounds, soothing pain, putting the kiddo to bed, killing a cold, and sooo much more!

Rosalina essential oil

This kid-safe essential oil is one of my favorites to utilize as a much gentler alternative to eucalyptus but it's also linalool rich like lavender making it a great addition to calming sleep blends!

Brain Aid Roll-On

Sometimes I find that my brain is ready to call it quits by midday, but I still have loads of work to get done. That's when I pull out my Brain Aid Roll-On! I like to roll it onto my temples, wrists, and the back of my neck then I cup my hands over my nose and slowly breathe in a few good deep breaths!

AromaFuse Diffuser

I absolutely love this diffuser over every single other one I have tried, and I have tried a TON! I love this diffuser so much that I cried when my first one was dropped on the ground during a move, and broken! I immediately ordered another one because I can't live without it in my bedroom!


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