Vanilla CO2 Extract

Vanilla CO2 Extract



Vanilla CO2 is well known for its warm, inviting scent. It is often used in sensual and fall blends. When diffused, it can help reduce nervous tension and agitation, and promote relaxation before sleep. This CO2 extract carries the rich, full scent of Vanilla Bean's goodness, including plant waxes and pigments. This means that the oil will be very thick; in fact, it may be solid or nearly so. To help ease the Vanilla CO2 from the bottle, place the tightly capped bottle in a small zipper-style plastic baggie and then place the baggie in a small bowl of very warm water. The warmth will liquefy the oil; it will not harm it. After a few minutes, remove the baggie from the water, and then the bottle from the bag. It should be liquid enough to drip, but in some cases, you may need to coax the oil from the bottle with a pipette.

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