Tummy All Better KidSafe Essential Oil

Tummy All Better KidSafe Essential Oil

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Aromatic Scent:

Refreshing dill with hints of floral.



To help soothe the occasional tummy trouble, Tummy All Better is the perfect choice. Tummy All Better is as effective as Tummy-Aid (our adult synergy) but is safer for young children.
Dilute Tummy All Better to a 2-3% in your favorite carrier oil and apply directly to your child’s abdomen, massaging in a clockwise manner, and to the tops of the feet. Tummy All Better can also be inhaled directly from the bottle for instant relief from a “queasy” tummy.
Specifically formulated for children ages 2-10. This synergy contains 100% pure essential oils of Petitgrain, Dill, Chamomile Roman, Spearmint and Ginger (steam distilled).
The International Federation of Aromatherapists does not recommend that Essential Oils be taken internally unless under the supervision of a Medical Doctor who is also qualified in clinical Aromatherapy. All cautions listed for individual oils do not include those cautions from ingestion.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Bottles are filled by volume. Some bottle sizes may not be filled to the top, but do contain the volume of oil specified.

Customer Reviews

Holly Mendiola

On May 5, 2015


This product works great for all tummy sizes. I have it diluted less than 1% and it works great for me.

Jessica Smith

On May 5, 2015


Honestly, I'm not sure if this product works or if it's the power of suggestion. But every time my toddlers say, "my tummy hurts" (granted toddlers say a lot of things....did their tummies REALLY hurt or did they just not want to pick up their dishes..I'll never know) I wipe out my roll on 'Tummy All Better', make a huge deal out of it, hugs, kisses, and dang it if those darn toddlers are ALL better in seconds and heading off to pick up those dishes with a smile on their faces. whatever the evasive truth may be, % 100 of the time I've rolled this on their little bellies, it's worked!!! This Mama's happy and will continue to use it!

Andrea Gobea

On June 12, 2015


The only oil my son ever actually asks for (he's 9). If he has a tummy ache he always requests I rub this on his belly. It seems to work really well for him.

On December 18, 2015


Great for kids and adults!

This synergy works great! I bought this for my 3yr old daughter, but I have also used it. It's hard to say how well it works for my daughter but it makes her happy to put it on when her tummy hurts, and she stops whining, so I'll take that as a win! I've used it on myself twice now and both times my stomach ache went away very shortly after applying it (diluted in carrier oil). Whether my tummy would have felt better on my own I will never know, but it sure seems to be affected by the Tummy all Better. It is definitely strong in the dill scent so if along with your tummy ache you have nausea that causes you to be sensitive to smells this may not be a good choice.


On December 31, 2015



My baby had the stomach flu and was threw up three times. I started rubbing this on her tummy every 4 or so hours and she has stopped throwing up! It also works when i had a stomach ache! Wonderful oil!