Top 3 KidSafe Set 10 ml

Top 3 KidSafe Set 10 ml



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Are you looking for the perfect essential oil gift for someone who has young children? Well look no further! Our Top 3 KidSafe Set features our 3 most popular KidSafe synergies. Most popular for a reason, our Top 3 KidSafe Set is sure to make anyone happy!

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-Nighty Night Bedtime Spray-

What you will need:

  • 4 oz. of witch hazel or water
  • 30 drops Nighty Night
  • 4 oz Amber Spray Bottle


  1. Mix witch hazel or water with the 30 drops of Nighty Night in the 4 oz spray bottle.
  2. Shake well before each use.
  3. Spray the Nighty Night Bedtime Spray in your child’s bedroom or on their pillow right before bed.

  • Dilute Germ Destroyer between 1% and 3% using your favorite carrier oil for topical applications. Germ Destroyer can also be diffused during the winter months to help everyone stay healthy.
  • You can diffuse a few drops of Calming The Child in one of Plant Therapy’s diffusers; our recommendation is to diffuse for 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off. Alternatively, dilute Calming The Child at a 1-3% using your favorite carrier oil and apply topically on your child’s chest or back of their neck.

For more usage ideas, please visit the individual product pages of Germ Destroyer, Nighty Night and Calming The Child.

  • Set includes 100% pure KidSafe synergies of Germ Destroyer, Nighty Night and Calming The Child.
  • 10 mL
  • Undiluted
  • Comes in an attractive wooden gift box
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