Top 20 Kidsafe Essential Oil Set

Top 20 Kidsafe Essential Oil Set



Keep your family ready for whatever life sends your way with our Top 20 KidSafe Essential Oil Set! This set includes twenty of our best-selling KidSafe essential oil blends and two small hard-top carrying cases that lets you keep your most loved blends nearby. These popular blends help with everything from bumps and bruises to getting a good night's sleeping to staying healthy when seasonal threats are going around. Even though these blends were designed with kids in mind, they're great for the whole family.

This set includes 10 mL each of Germ Destroyer, Sniffle Stopper, Sweet Slumber, Calming the Child, Nighty Night, Immune Boom, Study Time, Shield Me, Sneezy Stop, No More Warts, Happy Place, Itch Away, No Worries, Quiet Cough, Tummy All Better, PoopEase, Better than Kisses, Skin Soother, Grow Ease, and Tension Tamer.

Sold By: Essential Oils | Plant Therapy.

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