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Plant Therapy Consultant Robert Tisserand

Whenever Plant Therapy seeks to grow our team, products or services, we always aim to select the absolute best. So, when we considered bringing an essential oils consultant on board, we knew it had to be Robert Tisserand. When Plant Therapy approached him to consult with us and help expand our essential oils product line, including formulating our new KidSafe products, Robert saw an opportunity to partner with a company that is genuinely dedicated to high-quality, safe essential oils. We were delighted when he agreed to review and audit our existing products as well as work with us on developing new product lines.

Robert has now consulted with Plant Therapy for several years and has been instrumental in helping us achieve the high level of quality that we are proud to bring our customers. He organoleptically tests — meaning he smells and evaluates — every single oil sample we receive from potential suppliers. He then works with our chemists to select the oils that we will sell and use in our products.

Robert also created all 20 of our KidSafe synergies, carefully testing and selecting oils that are safe for use on children and formulating them into effective blends for children ages 2-10. Through our partnership with Robert, Plant Therapy’s KidSafe is the first line of essential oils created especially for children and the only one formulated by the man who literally wrote the book on essential oil safety.

Robert has spent his life advancing aromatherapy and the world’s understanding of essential oils, their benefits and safe use. He has more than 40 years of experience developing aromatherapy products and essential oil blends. In 1977, he wrote The Art of Aromatherapy, a seminal book that is now available in 12 languages. More recently, he co-authored the 780-page book mentioned above, Essential Oil Safety, a definitive guide for the safe use of essential oils.

Robert integrates scientific data with holistic principles within his approach to essential oils. He follows research that is published about essential oils and collaborates with physicians, pharmacologists and herbalists. He understands the foundations of oriental medicine and is informed by the Western herbal and naturopathic traditions that emphasize cleansing, protecting and strengthening the immune system as well as assisting natural healing processes.

Meanwhile, Robert continues his work as a leader in the global aromatherapy community and shares his knowledge through his blog, events and online training.

More about Robert Tisserand:


  • Established The Aromatic Oil Company (a predecessor of Tisserand Aromatherapy, now owned by First Natural Brands)
  • Founded The Tisserand Institute
  • Launched (as well as published and edited) The International Journal of Aromatherapy


  • International Advisory Board of Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice
  • National Perfumers Guild
  • Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) Research Committee
  • International Federation of Aromatherapists
  • International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists


  • Lifetime Achievement Award from the AIA
  • Honorary Lifetime Membership from the International Federation of Aromatherapists
  • Honorary Lifetime Membership from the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists
  • Honorary Lifetime Membership from the AIA

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