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Plant Therapy is celebrating our 5-year anniversary, and, wow, have we come a long way! Here’s a look at how we grew from a small family business to the thriving essential oils community you know today:

2009 — Plant Therapy President Chris Jones bought a small natural beauty products company from his mother-in-law, an aromatherapist.

2010 — While sourcing essential oils for the products, Jones saw a need in the market for high-quality essential oils at affordable prices.

2011 — Jones launched Plant Therapy as an online company selling the finest, 100% pure essential oils directly to customers.

2012 — We launched our blog and our Facebook page, and gave away a free Germ Fighter Synergy when we reached 150 likes. This was the start to our now-thriving online community.

Fall 2012 — Growing fast, we moved from our original 1,200-square-foot space to a 6,000-square-foot, three-story building.

2013 — Working with safety expert Robert Tisserand, we developed our KidSafe line of essential oils and designed them to be safe for children ages 2–10. Tisserand also reviewed all of our current oils, suppliers and quality-control procedures.

Fall 2013 — With an expanding product line and new customers every day, we outgrew our new building after just one year and moved into a 12,000-square-foot warehouse.

Early 2014 — We welcomed our first Certified Aromatherapists to our staff (now we have six!).

Summer 2014 — We officially launched our KidSafe products, the first-ever line of essential oils specially formulated for children.

2014 — Plant Therapy has a mission to give back, and in 2014 company leaders Chris Jones and Paul Stanger visited Liberia to do work with the nonprofit Africa Heartwood Project on providing clean drinking water to local villages.

Fall 2014 — We needed more space (again!) and expanded into additional warehouse space totalling 24,000 square feet.

Late 2014 — We implemented batch-specific GC/MS testing on all of our oils, an important step in ensuring every bottle of Plant Therapy oils meets our high standards and our customers’ expectations.

Early 2015 — Every bottle of Plant Therapy essential oils is printed with a batch code, adding yet another layer of transparency to our quality-control procedures.

January 2015 — We purchased property and began renovations and construction on a 40,000-square-foot corporate headquarters in our hometown of Twin Falls.

Fall 2015 — Plant Therapy earned a spot on the Inc. 500 list as the 31st fastest-growing private company in the nation and the No. 1 fastest-growing company in Idaho.

October 2015 — We launched our new website, giving our customers an even better and easier online shopping experience!

November 2015 — Plant Therapy became a USDA Certified Organic facility, an important step in our commitment to producing essential oils of exceptional quality and using the purest ingredients.

Early 2016 — After outgrowing our first four commercial spaces, Plant Therapy moved into our new, state-of-the-art 40,000-square-foot facility.

April 2016 — We celebrated the incredible milestone of 100,000 Facebook followers by giving away a year of free essential oils to one lucky winner.

2016 — We expanded our USDA Certified Organic product line and introduced several new organic essential oils, including Organic Lavender, Organic Ylang Ylang, and Organic Turmeric to name a few.

June 2016 — We hosted an Open House at our new facility in Twin Falls, ID, welcoming the community and our customers for three days of family fun, essential oil education, a charity dinner and more.

Fall 2016 — We outgrew our new space and leased an additional 27,000 square feet of warehouse space.

October 2016 — Plant Therapy celebrated five amazing and exciting years in business! We can’t thank our wonderful customers enough for helping us get here.