Thankful for You Poppy Diffuser Bundle

Thankful for You Poppy Diffuser Bundle



Every Mother’s Day is an opportunity to tell a loved one how special they are to you. To celebrate the unconditional support and affection selflessly given day in and day out, give a gift that’s truly unique. Our Thankful for You Essential Oil Blend was expertly crafted to be a beautiful, complex bouquet of bright, woodsy, spicy, and sweet scents. Bergamot and Pink Grapefruit provide uplifting and energizing top notes — great for anyone who could use a little extra boost throughout their busy day. Grounding and soothing Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Vetiver oils blend with spicy and herbaceous Marjoram and Plai to provide a sense of calm and comfort. A touch of sweetness from Rose Absolute and Vanilla complete this blend for a wonderfully fresh, clean, and delightful way to say ‘thank you’ to those who matter most.

Pair this delightful essential oil blend with our Poppy Passive Diffuser. The beautiful champagne poppy top is porous and unglazed, allowing essential oils to absorb and gently scent the air. Just apply 5-6 drops of Thankful For You directly to the flower and enjoy. Because this diffuser is porous, it is normal for oils used to discolor the flower. Keep this in mind when selecting oils to use with the diffuser and when selecting where to place the oil drops. This gives your Passive Poppy Diffuser a unique, soft coloring you layer on each time you use it.

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