Spa Ultrasonic Diffuser

Spa Ultrasonic Diffuser

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The Spa Diffuser features a calming, subdued, rotating, multi-colored LED lighting feature. With the touch of a button your Spa Diffuser emits a beautiful ring of color to enhance your tranquil Spa experience. The simple yet elegant design will compliment any décor. Silent operation and soothing light effects make for a beautiful element in the daylight or at night time. Simply add water and your favorite essential oil, and the ultrasonic element produces consistent and fragrant vapor.

Ease of Use

  1. Remove the cover.
  2. Fill the water tank to the maximum water fill line.
  3. Add 5 to 10 drops of your favorite essential oil to the water and replace the the cover.
  4. Dry hands and plug the power supply into the side of unit. Plug the adaptor into a standard household outlet.
  5. Push the on button to turn the unit "ON".
  6. Choose your timer control.
  7. The unit will turn "ON" on Continuous mode (3 hours of run time).
  8. If the timer control button is pressed a second time and you are on the second mode, the unit will run intermittently (on/off every 15 seconds) for 6 hours or more and will automatically stop.
  9. Press the third time and the mist will turn off.
  10. Choose to have the light setting.
  11. Press once to turn on the LED Light on in color-changing mode.
  12. Press a 2nd time to pause the rotation on any selected color.
  13. Press a 3rd time to turn the light off.
  14. The unit will automatically stop once the water reaches the Minimum Water Level or you can manually turn the diffuser off


  • Clean the unit with a soft cotton cloth after each use.
  • Do not use any cleaning agent. This will keep the unit in good working order and maximize the atomizing rate.
  • The Spa Diffuser covers approximately 100 to 300 square feet depending on airflow and the type of oil that is used.
  • Water Capacity 118ml (½ cup)
  • UL Approved AC Adapter - US plug style
  • Input: AC 100-240V - 50/60Hz - 0.35A MAX
  • Output: 24.0V - 500mA
  • 6 months manufacturer warranty. First 90 days is covered by Plant Therapy.
This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Customer Reviews

On April 1, 2016

It's ok

I would have given this five stars if not for the noise it makes when first turned on. As noted by the previous reviewer, this started about 6 months in. It's extremely annoying to have to remember to start it up about 10 minutes before I go to bed so that by the time I'm ready for bed, it's gone through it's noisy cycle and is quiet again.


On November 17, 2015


Not bad

I have had this style of diffuser for about a year and a half, maybe two years at the very longest. It still works, but more often than not when I first turn it on it makes a loud whirring sound and I have to smack the top of it several times until it starts running normally. That started about 6 months into me using it. I have tried cleaning it with lemon juice, which helped a little, but didn't completely solve the problem. The problem very well may be that I need to clean it better and more frequently, and only use filtered water. I love the color settings. I have the light on for hours at a time, and the light still works. This diffuser disperses the scent well in a small room, but I can't say for a large area. My apartment is tiny. I've noticed that over time the oil that is diffused and ends up on top of the diffuser has eaten away at some of the rubber on top. It doesn't affect it in any way other than looks.