Sniffle Stopper

Sniffle Stopper

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Aromatic Scent:

A cool, crisp and clean frosty winter forest.

Sniffle Stopper helps keep your child’s head and respiratory tract clear. Sniffle Stopper is as effective as Respir-Aid (one of our most popular synergies) but is safer for young children.
Diffuse a few drops of Sniffle Stopper to help your little one breathe easier. Dilute to 3-5% in your favorite carrier oil and apply to their chest and under their nose.
Specifically formulated for children ages 2-10. This synergy contains 100% pure, undiluted essential oils of Fir Needle, Rosalina, Spruce, Cypress, Spearmintand Cedarwood Virginian.
The International Federation of Aromatherapists does not recommend that Essential Oils be taken internally unless under the supervision of a Medical Doctor who is also qualified in clinical Aromatherapy. All cautions listed for individual oils do not include those cautions from ingestion.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

Marcie K

On November 19, 2016


Thank you for this product, Plant Therapy

Thank you so much for this product! Last year both of my twins caught a virus and they were very Ill. I diligently defused a "thief' type product (from another company) hoping they would get better. It was very frustrating watching their health decline until one had to be admitted to the PICU. Imagine how I felt when later I learned that both Rosemary and Eucalyptus are not recommended for children because they cause respiratory problems. Both were ingredients I was using. A MLM company recommended these oils and said they were safe! I am so thankfull now to have found Plant therapy and their kid safe line. Right now my sons have a respiratory illness. After using this product they are on the mend! So much better than going to the hospital for breathing treatments! I am looking forward to trying other products that Plant Therapy offers. Thank you for looking out for our children!


On November 17, 2016


My new favorite KidSafe blend!

I read all the reviews about how great this stuff worked and after I'd had such a great experience with Sneezy Stop, I thought I'd give it a try...long story short? It totally works! My 2 y/o son had a runny nose for going on 2 weeks and his nose was getting sore from all the blowing and wiping. I knew it was time to start looking for an effective, natural solution. When I got the Sniffle Stopper, I diffused a few drops in his room that night and the next day I noticed a significant difference. One more night of diffusing and NO MORE SNOT!! WOO HOO!! I am TOTALLY in love with this blend and am planning to dilute in a roller bottle for on-the-go convenience. You won't catch me without SniffleStopper this winter!


On November 4, 2016


Can't live without it

I rarely write reviews, but this is such an amazing product. We put it in a diffuser at night in our kid's rooms when they have a cold or respiratory illness. It's the ONLY way they'll (and we) will sleep. We put only one drop in and leave the door open, so it won't be too much. Not only does it keep them comfortable and asleep, it keeps the congestion from settling in their chest and turning into something worse; in other words they improve much quicker as well. Colds used to be a nightmare with toddlers before I found this product! PS. I use it at night when I'm sick too.


On October 27, 2016


So Lovely!

This smells so fabulous! I've been using it for my 8 year old who has a runny nose. So far it seems to be helping.


On October 23, 2016


My favorite kid safe oil

This is my all time favorite kid safe oil and I am so glad I found plant therapy. I have used many oils over the years and plant therapys prices and quality can not be beat! I stock up on this oil every year for when my kids do get sick and it works wonders! I always put it in my kids diffusers when they sleep and the next morning when they wake up I can seee improvements when they are sick. Don't get me wrong this will not cure a cold, once you have a cold you have it but as a parent to ease my kids symptoms and lesson the duration of a cold this oil works wonders! Thank you plant therapy for making a standout quality oil!