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Quality Accessories

Only the highest quality partners

Before we even choose which diffusers, storage pieces, and accessories to offer our customers, we research our suppliers. We want to know everything, from their reputation to the kinds of materials used to their sustainability efforts. Once we’re satisfied that the company is one we want to work with, we move on to choosing what accessories to offer our customers.


Quality starts at the factory

From the factory to our shelves, every single diffuser we sell is tested for 24 hours to make sure it works right the first time and every time. Even when we purchase a new accessory from the same supplier, the same rigorous testing standards apply. And it shows! We have an exceptionally low return rate on our non-essential oil products.

In addition to each diffuser’s testing, we also go the extra mile. All our diffusers are made using food-grade plastics on the interior basin. This means that diffusing essential oils like Germ Fighter or Cinnamon are safe in our diffusers and won’t break down the plastics, and you’re guaranteed not to be breathing in BPA’s!

delivery box

Free shipping and free returns

We’re so confident in the quality of our essential oil accessories that not only do we offer free shipping on every order (hey, we know each dollar matters!), but we also offer free return shipping on all our products, including accessories. If for any reason you’re not happy with the products you ordered, send them back free of charge.