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Pup and Pony by Plant Therapy

Essential oils specifically formulated for the needs of adult dogs and horses!

Pup and Pony by Plant Therapy!

Man's Best Friend Set

Man's Best Friend Set

Plant Therapy’s Man’s Best Friend Set contains one undiluted 10 mL bottle each of Confident K9, Happy Trails, and Show Ready.

Mane Attraction Set

Mane Attraction Set

Plant Therapy’s Mane Attraction Set contains one undiluted 10 mL bottle each of Happy Trails, Horse Whisperer, and Show Ready.

Paw pal diffuser

The Paw Pal Diffuser is an excellent passive diffusion option for your furry friends.

*If using the Paw Pal Diffuser as a collar clip, we recommend only using the essential oil blends that you are certain your dog accepts. Use for only a few hours at a time to avoid overwhelming your pet’s senses.

Paw Balm

Paw Balm was created to help soothe, nourish, and comfort irritated and lack-luster paws

Confident K9 Bottle

Confident k9

Confident K9 was formulated for dogs who struggle with being alone.

Happy Trails Bottle

Happy Trails

Happy Trails was created to make traveling easier for your dogs and horses.

Show Ready Bottle

Show Ready

Show Ready was created to help maintain good health in dogs and horses.

Confident K9 Bottle

Horse Whisperer

Horse Whisperer helps to calm and comfort animals that have experienced trauma.


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Pup & Pony Dilution Chart

Paw Balm

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