Amber Glass Roll-On Bottles

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  • High-quality bottle with roller ball & cap
  • Dark amber bottles protect oils against sunlight
  • Great for making your own pre-diluted essential oil blends

4 Pack

Product Description

Make your own pre-diluted roll-ons with our Amber Glass Roll-On Bottles. These 10 mL roll-on bottles are the perfect size to make it easy to take your roll-ons with you. This pack contains 4 roller bottles allowing you to make the roll-ons of your choice using your favorite Plant Therapy essential oils and carrier oils. Put it in your purse, pocket, or desk drawer at work. This small bottle will not take up much room and you will have your oils ready to use whenever you need them.

The amber glass protects and preserves your oils against outside elements and damaging sunlight. Easy-to-use and convenient packaging makes it easy to take your pre-diluted roll-ons anywhere you go and be ready to use!

How to Use

Simply dilute your essential oils in a carrier oil, add to the bottle, insert the roller ball and you are ready to go!
Keep out of reach of children.