Priprioca Essential Oil

Priprioca Essential Oil



Sweet, smokey, and seductive — Priprioca is a rare gem with an intoxicating scent found in the plant’s rhizomes deep beneath the floor of the Amazon rainforest. Legends from the Amazon region tell of a beautiful, mysterious man named Piripiri who smelled so enchanting that the local women became imbued with passion. They would try to chase and grab him, only to walk away in disappointment as he disappeared into a cloud of smoke. A shaman told the women to arrest Piripiri while he was sleeping by wrapping his long, scented hair around his feet. In the morning, Piripiri was gone, and in his place was a plant that gave off the same lovely perfume as the man. According to the legend, the women began to bathe and wash their hair with an infusion of the plant to entice and conquer the men of the village. Add a few drops in your unscented shampoo to lightly scent your hair with this traditional perfume, or blend in a carrier oil and apply to the wrists to enjoy throughout the day.

It is worth noting that Priprioca Essential Oil is also commonly referred to as Piri-Piri, a slight modification of the name of the man from the legend. Derived from the rhizomes of this perennial sedge, Priprioca is more than just a lovely scent from the rainforest. It is thought to help enhance good energies and has wonderful grounding properties. Historically, this oil has been used to maintain overall wellness during times of illness. Use Priprioca in your diffuser to help clear the air and keep your home healthy.

Evening Blossoms Diffuser Blend

What you'll need: * 4 drops Priprioca * 3 drops Vetiver * 1 drop Lavender * 1 drop Ylang Ylang Complete

What you'll do: Add all these essential oils to your aromatherapy diffuser and enjoy! If Ylang Ylang Complete is too sweet of a floral oil, increase Lavender to 2 drops, or substitute Ylang Ylang for a fresher floral oil, such as Rose, Palmarosa, or Geranium.

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