Personal, Portable Aromatherapy Inhaler (Multi-Color)

Personal, Portable Aromatherapy Inhaler (Multi-Color)

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These portable aromatherapy inhalers are perfect for taking your favorite essential oil aroma with you without having to take the entire bottle!

Each inhaler includes 4 parts: Inhaler, Cover, Base Plug and Wick.

*Please choose package size. Colors will vary.

To use simply drop 5-15 drops of essential oil on the provided wick and insert it into the inhaler. You then place the base over the end and push it in to secure it in place.
This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Customer Reviews


On October 21, 2016



Absolutely love these inhalers! Easy to use! Wonderful product! Thank you Plant Therapy!


On September 2, 2016


Another must for the EO lover!

I use 8 of these on a regular basis. Two different blends for waking up, two for going to sleep, two for allergies, and two for just plain happy! I carry 3 or 4 everywhere I go. This week I discovered an amazing product that gets these lids (and lids for bottles and rollers) off for refilling: Olilia Essential Oil Key Tool - I bought on Amazon. Total game changer!!! Now it's a piece of cake and I don't have to poke or cut myself while trying to remove these buggers. My kids also use these inhalers. We are just an oily family!


On March 6, 2016


How to remove plugs

To the previous reviewer: If you stretch out a large paper clip and stick it through the hole at the top of the inhaler and push, the end cap will come right off. I have found the wicks dry out for me pretty quickly, so I'm trying keeping them in a ziploc bag to see if that helps. Other than that, they're great, and very handy!


On December 2, 2015


Personal Inhalers

The only reason I withheld 2 stars is because it is literal hell to take the plugs out to refill. Great product otherwise.