Outdoor Fun KidSafe

Outdoor Fun KidSafe



Better Than Kisses Blend: Help your little one feel better when they need more than a kiss to make a boo-boo feel better! It helps ease the perception of pain, reduces redness, and keeps the affected area clean.

Sneezy Stop Blend: This blend helps keep your child healthy during the times of seasonal pollen threats. The oils in this blend were specifically chosen to help support the respiratory system and alleviate head discomfort during times of high seasonal pollen.

Shield Me Blend: Let your family enjoy the great outdoors with this natural, effective barrier, shielding the whole family from pests.

Aloe Vera Jelly: Our Aloe Vera Jelly is an all natural, unscented base that is gentle, hydrating and can even be used on sensitive skin. It penetrates deeply, helping soothe dry, irritated skin.

Sold By: Essential Oils | Plant Therapy.

More information available at: http://www.planttherapy.com/product/P680912082518.html