Organic Lavender Essential Oil Bulk

Organic Lavender Essential Oil Bulk


Lavender, or Lavandula Angustifolia, is a full-bodied, steam distilled oil that is excellent for creating a calm atmosphere. Lavender plants grow throughout Bulgaria, Spain, France, and Greece. The plant's delicate, flowering tops are used to make Lavender Essential Oil. But what makes this oil universally known for its calming effects?

Linalool is one of the main chemical constituents in Lavender Essential Oil. Linalool is known to have a soothing effect on the mind and body and can help promote deep, restful sleep. It’s also a common constituent in other calming oils like Ho Wood, Petitgrain, and Coriander Seed. In addition to Linalool, Lavender also contains Linalyl Acetate, another astonishingly calming and grounding constituent. These two constituents combined help make Lavender Essential Oil a must-have for people seeking rest and relaxation.

Each of our organic oils is certified through ECOCERT ICO, an inspection, and certification organization that is fully accredited through The National Organic Program (NOP).

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