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Watermelon CBD

CBD Oil Drops

$1995 - $4995

Limited Edition | Available in multiple strengths

Enjoy the same benefits that you already know and love from our CBD Everyday Wellness Collection with the new limited-edition flavor experience: Watermelon! The 500 mg is ideal for anyone who is getting started with CBD or is looking to support overall health and well-being. The 1000 mg is ideal for anyone who is comfortable with CBD or has a higher tolerance to CBD. And the 2500 mg is ideal for anyone who is experienced taking daily CBD, has a higher tolerance to CBD, or is dealing with more serious concerns. Each bottle is completely THC-free, which means you can support your eCS with none (0.0%) of the THC and no sensation of being “high.” For specific concerns, be sure to check out our CBD+iso collections.*

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Beaches & Blossoms


Celebrate all the scents of spring and summer! Our Beaches & Blossoms set includes all six of our limited edition spring and summer essential oil blends. From established fan favorites to fresh new scents, they are sure to delight your senses.


Citrus Blossom Essential Oil Blend


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Fresh Meadow Essential Oil Blend



Rainy Days Essential Oil Blend



Coastal Sunset Essential Oil Blend


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Lime in the Coconut Essential Oil Blend


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Sun Kissed Essential Oil Blend



Garden Party Set


Citrus Blossom | mood-boosting & invigorating

Soft floral notes blend with an earthy and woodsy troupe of Balsam Fir, Amyris, Cedarwood, and Patchouli, while Sweet Orange and Katrafay providing vibrant, sparkling top notes.

Fresh Meadow | uplifting & calming

Sunny Orange and Bergamot mix with the warm, spicy, and floral notes of Amyris, Ginger, and Jasmine.

Rainy Days | peace & tranquility

Orange Essence, Copaiba Oleoresin, Lemon, Fir Needle, Amyris, Ho Wood, and Coriander Seed come together to create a blend that is soft and sweet with a damp, earthy, fir-like undertone.

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Summer Escape Set


Coastal Sunset | mood-boosting & uplifting

A blend of citruses, Sweet Vanilla, Chamomile, Himalayan Cedarwood and Juniper Berry that is sweet, smooth, and slightly tropical.

Lime in the Coconut | energizing

This citrus bouquet of Persian and Key Lime is sweetened with Vanilla and topped with creamy Copaiba and Peru Balsam.

Sun Kissed | bright & uplifting

May Chang and Lavender help to soothe and instill a sense of calm, while Peru Balsam rounds out the blend wth a lovely, sweet, supportive note.


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