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Bergamot Mint Essential Oil

Bergamot Mint Essential Oil originates from the United States and is extracted using steam distillation from the flowering tops of the perennial flowering Bergamot Mint Plant. This essential oil is calming and refreshing, and once you experience its incredible properties, it is sure to be an oil you will not forget.

Caraway Seed CO2

Caraway Seed CO2 is sourced from Poland and is extracted using carbon dioxide from the seeds of the Caraway plant. This form of extraction is richer and closer to the true plant, retaining more of its beneficial properties.Jam-packed with therapeutic properties, this essential oil is a must have in your essential oil collection!

Cubeb Essential Oil

Cubeb Essential Oil originates from Indonesia and is extracted using steam distillation from the dried Cubeb berries of the Cubeb plant, which is a part of the pepper family. It has a warm-woody, spicy scent and is known for its amazing therapeutic properties. This essential oil can be used to help support a healthy immune and respiratory system during times of seasonal illnesses.