Mercury Retrograde Essential Oil Blend

Mercury Retrograde Essential Oil Blend



Is Mercury in Retrograde: No

Next Retrograde: September 27 to October 18

We created our Mercury Retrograde Essential Oil Blend to encourage normal communication and to help create a peaceful, grounded environment during this chaotic time. The grounding essential oils Clary Sage and Texas Cedarwood are known to promote clarity and confidence while supporting calm and clear communication. Mandarin provides a sense of joy and Roman Chamomile helps to calm and soothe emotions. Cypress supports our ability to listen, supports us during times of change, and encourages patience. Lemon is known to promote concentration and mental vitality and Neroli’s reputation of promoting compassionate and creative communication rounds out this spectacular blend!

What is Mercury Retrograde? A few times each year, it looks like Mercury is moving backward in the sky. That’s because the planet has passed Earth in its orbit. For millennia, people have said these planetary motions lead to “mercurial” minds (sudden or unpredictable changes of mood), and even disrupt our technologies, leading to confusion and chaos.

Find a fun DIY solid perfume and coloring page for Mercury Retrograde on our downloads page!

While the blend is available year-round, you can get a free Mercury Retrograde sticker during retrograde! Check out our coupons page for the exclusive code when the next retrograde comes around.

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