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Mercury, it’s me again. Could you not right now?

Astrology gurus say that a Mercury retrograde wreaks havoc on communications and relationships here on Earth. Essential Oil gurus say that our Mercury Retrograde blend can help — and it’s only available when the planets align!

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What is

A few times each year, it looks like Mercury is moving backward. That’s because the planet has passed Earth in its orbit. For millennia, people have said these planetary motions lead to “mercurial” minds (sudden or unpredictable changes of mood), and even disrupt our technologies, leading to confusion and chaos.

When is the next Retrograde?


Our Mercury Retrograde essential oil blend was created to encourage normal communication and help create a peaceful, grounded environment during this chaotic time.


One thing fans love about this blend is the exclusive sticker that comes with it, or you can download “retro” stickers from the past!

In Retrograde Sticker


Blame it on Mercury Sticker


I'm Sorry Mercury Sticker


Mercury Retrograde DIY Solid Perfume


Mercury Retrograde Do's & Don'ts

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