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Mercury in Retrograde

This blend is only available when Mercury is in retrograde. Come back in June to get yours!

Our Mercury Retrograde essential oil blend was created to encourage normal communication and help create a peaceful, grounded environment during this chaotic time.

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Is Mercury in Retrograde? No

Is Mercury in Retrograde?


What is

Three to four times a year, the planet Mercury passes Earth in its orbit. Because Mercury completes its full orbit in only 88 days, it appears to slow down and move backward in the sky when viewed from Earth.

When is the next Retrograde?

6/18 - 7/12

What to avoid
during Retrograde

  • -Don’t buy a new car, a new phone or a new laptop
  • -Don’t lose control of your emotions
  • -Don’t overshare on social media
  • -Don’t leave late for flights or appointments

Mercury in retrograde without a sticker?

Each blend comes with a new exclusive sticker.

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Blame it on Mercury Sticker

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I'm Sorry Mercury Sticker

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Mercury Retrograde DIY Solid Perfume

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Mercury Retrograde Do's & Don'ts

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